Day in the Life: Graphic Designer

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Maurice Woods is a graphic designer and founder of the Inneract Project, which provides free design classes for inner-city youth. As part of ConnectEd’s “Day in the Life” series, Maurice talks about his transition from basketball to graphic design.

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Katelyn DeSantis says:

connected, any chance you could add more info in the description? like average pay, etc?

Piper Bacon says:

What heartless people would dislike?

shaan vihari says:

such an awesome video thank you connectEd !

Adam Omara says:

Ok and what u do in graphic design

Sanal K Joy says:

This should at least be a 1 hour show

world b free says:

Gonna use this as motivation!

Luca Cerasoli says:

My future job… :)

Morph Verse says:

Hail to this brotha,

Such a motivational video!!.

Maxstrozombie says:

Does anybody know the first pen he is using? I need it!

Ron Anderson says:

Really great series!
Great information and insight in the different professions. Your work is very, very much appreciated!
Greetings and all the best!

Laban Le Fleur says:

As a upcoming Graphics Designer this is really inspirational!

MsAnimalLover16101 says:

Im a sophmore in college and i decided that i want to major in graphic design! I'm also learning web development on the side…..could anyone tell me how i could use both of these or how they could work off of each other? I've seen somewhere tht some places see a degree in graphic design as a plus for developers….

Christian Plummer says:

I'm taking gcse art over art graphics however I still want to be a graphic designer, would an A level in art help me get there ?

RiiZu tK says:

What school was that you were filming in?

Damian Janicki says:

What if i cant draw?

Iinspired Mantic says:

Lovely story :)

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