America’s Got Talent 2014 TOP 10 (First Auditions)

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I made this compilation for entertainment purpose only. I do not own nor claim ownership of Britain’s Got Talent images/sound used in this video. All the credit for the auditions go to their rightful owner.(America’s Got Talent)

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Danielle Kwon says:

I followed anna clendening on musically

redman200020 says:

God Mel B is gorgeous.

DJasper says:

Omg my name is Desmond!

Susan Fulton says:

ghetto Houdini….SMOOTHINIE

Irenejacquelinesavard Jacqueline says:

J'aime Youtube  C'est vraiment agréable. Jacqueline Savard.

Irenejacquelinesavard Jacqueline says:

J'aime Et c'est superbe. Jacqueline Savard.

King Helmer says:

the song between the acts should definitely be a bit louder, i barely could hear it….. i lied

Grahame Gould says:

This needs to be volume levelled.

Renault Laguna says:

Jedi , Yoda lol Like I the song. Bit short, still like it

Avril Lavigne Fan (Sarah Swenson) says:


Tug_Slug says:

@ 11:59 he had her in the palm of his hands

alenaxx says:

Bruh in the first one he summoned a demon

killermax speedyguy says:

19:12   The power of the baby voice is…. is…………….. OVERWHELMING!!!!!!!!!

David Tingwald says:

Smoothini, you should have left out the pen trick at the end. That made you seem a little desperate.

Anna McDermott says:

#singingsoldier and #thewillisclan are my favorites

Mody Mody says:

and what is the name of the song of Blue Journey between 25:50 27:50

Tristan Quimpo says:

Looks like the girls are the only ones who stood up for christian stoinev

Tristan Quimpo says:

How the heck could a 9 year old be a 10th grader?! XD

Grzegorz Kaczmarski says:

kocham was !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Gymnast Emily N. says:

HOWIE MANDEL!! Every to e I watch AGT he is wearing that same shirt!! Why Howie!? Why?!

Anna Fournier says:

Amazing voice

Camila Cruz says:

ps the girl in gold looked really ugly

Alina Nemuzhik says:

Clicked just for dat ass

Tristan Arenzana says:

YESS there's a filipino!!!#5

DazzerPazzer says:

Is Anna clednening tretzys gf

TheThao Phong says:

good! thanks

WolfyClaw Aj says:

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Jan Jacobsen says:

Heidi looks like a cat looking at the cream

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