50 LOGO CHALLENGE!! – Graphic Design

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I know, I know, these logos are shit. I had no time whatsoever, and tried to finish this as quick as I can… Again, quantity over quality? Bulshit. Peace out you beast.

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DEAF KEV – Invincible [NCS Release]



Valery Holmes says:

Hey FrankyB, I like the simplicity of your logos. I want to design a logo for my company. Can you help

Parkour from the top (PKFTT) says:

dude!!! can you make my youtube channel logo!?!?

justinyeldjw says:

That was amazing. I loved the logo design

milosz lech says:

I hope your career goes from Good to Really Very Brilliant!

BiggyJ says:

Great video! I'm just starting out and am super exited about graphic design. Here is some of the logos I've done https://www.fiverr.com/biggyj/craft-an-admirable-badge-and-logo

Aaron Koh says:

bro…i like your design and in the same time i can do my references for my design

Willis Marais says:

Some of them are really good :)There is quality!

Gympie g says:

Might be a silly question. I'm just getting into design, what software are you using?

KingLewie2152uk says:

Might try this 50 logo challenge for a bit of much needed practise! By the way, just for some feedback, my top 3 picks would be 2 of the Maximillian ones, 2nd and 4th ones down….and also like the Outback one, 3rd one down! Good job dude! ;)

Chantelle Alexander says:

They're good considering the time constraints…

Isaac Daniel “sYnaPs” van Zyl says:

50 Logo's of Grey Confirmed xD Keep it up bro

Fenomenom Gaming says:

they are pretty hella fuckin good

FuDgYness says:

that's awesome man .. some of those are pretty cool.. love your work pandah

STiCKxaH says:

I know the  feels bro, i have the same issue  sometimes

Arthur Whitehead says:

Pretty good :P

HowiiE says:

I think are actually really cool xD

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