Vaping 24mg of nicotine

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We decided to veer away from food to try 24mg of nicotine.


YJ wan says:

i used to smoke about 3 packs a week only and now i quit and vape 24mg and i think its pretty smooth, dosnt hurt my throat for some reason

CrazyDiamond01 says:

I hit a 12mg on a drip and it hurt like hell.

leggett422 says:

I vape at 26

no name says:

I was a 2 1/2 pack a day smoker, started vaping on 6mg, now vape on 1.5mg and can't even hit 6mg anymore. 24mg must be awful.

Outdoor Dipper says:

i vape 32mg all day long

losi8ightyew says:

I all day vape 18 MG at 0.13 ohms. 20g nichrome dual coils. If I drip any lower the urge to smoke the stinkies comes back. Love the killer throat hit.

Slashersaurus Rex says:

he needs a cotton change js.

Robbie McGill says:

That's my local spot! Breathe woot woot

TheOffical Negro says:

I'm not a smoker (cigs)
But I vape for a hobby and I put 24ml in my quad coil plume veil on sir Lancelot and it was terrible like Iv Vapes with nic in my juice before but 24 on my mod is terrible!
I much prefer THC instead of nic in my juice


I can't hold my vape in if it has any pg whatsoever XD 

beatleme2 says:

i started out with 12 mg and still smoked 5 cigs a day, i went to 24mg and still can want to smoke a real cig ..didn't know it was a Challenge, do i need to switch back to 12 mg cause its bad ?

Justin Lamica says:

I have 24 mg of cowboy juice its good af 


Damn i just stick with 3-6 mg lol

kenny phillips says:

im 14 with parent concent but i can drip 18 is the most lol

E Juice Liquid Vaping Reviews says:

Enjoy you're clips! Keep up the great stuff. Was hoping to stick around a bit but had to hurry to work. I'll be back!

Jesus Christ says:

24 is easy once u get used to it lol I know someone who made 100 mg one fuck that though 

TrickShot Home says:

My friend put 24 nic into his Copper Mod and he didnt tell me and it felt kind of smooth but burning

lenni kokkonen says:

im vaping 27 watts 24 mg nicotine dual coil and 6 secs… its fuuuuucking crazy usually i do 2-3 sec

lenni kokkonen says:

im vaping 27 watts 24 mg nicotine dual coil and 6 secs… its fuuuuucking crazy usually i do 2-3 sec

Itru32012x says:

I only smoke 24 mg its a great buzz!

Eric Featherston says:

I used to smoke about a pack a week and I started dripping 24mg and i was just fine

alekryde says:

You guys are insane… I love it

fune2010 says:

i have 2 e liquds ( 12mg , 6mg ) nicotine .. it’s very good

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