The math problem that stumped thousands of mansplainers

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The Monty Hall Problem went viral in 1990.

Special thanks to Zachary Crockett at Priceonmics where this story came from:

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Thomas Phillips says:

They called her the goat as an insult?



holy crap, people rejected the obvious right answer to a basic probability/logic problem because they heard it from a woman in a news column! HAHA… I'm not a subscriber to the "listen and believe" politics of our day but that's ludicrous. This Monty Hall problem isn't even as hard as Einstein's stolen pet puzzle. Now, if no one spoils it for you by providing the solution, that one will overheat your brain for a good bit.

how2art says:

vox clickbaits because they are marxist cunt scum

ImpactOfMe says:

Mathematically you have better odds, in reality no.

Rip Kackel says:

what a lovey display of the "gamblers fallacy"

Philippixler says:

I don't typically downvote anything on YouTube, but I'll downvote this for "man's plainer".

CH Chang says:

Bing bang boom? is she Italian?

thehomiealan says:

who the fuck doesn't know this

vegaskidd says:

so if men criticize a women it's "sexism", BULL FUCKING SHIT….

Mauriziobarenboim says:

I would go with my gut, but okay.

Graf Von Muffintof says:

The reason nobody argued with the men was because in their time the problem was obscure and they themselfes unknown beyond academics. Nobody cared about this little neat problem. After Monty the problam became popular and the "blatant" answer grew in popularity. So once Marliyn told the real answer very publicly, it got attention. This was not sexism, it was only a coincidence that she was a woman.

Cory Smart says:

I'll remember this next time I'm playing for goats or a car. Hate getting the goats

Colloquial Patato says:

The males put their answers in statistics journals (which no one reads). She put her answer in a news paper.

There was a difference in public response? Wow, no shit!

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