How to make liquid nicotine at home for your e-juice

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If it is easy to buy nicotine base where you are, please just buy it and avoid all the risks of handling nicotine. I have to do this because it is not easy to get nicotine base where I am. I am making this to help those who are in the same situation.
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ragarocc1 says:

is this a joke? when you boil or distill water and it turns into a gas it carries nothing with it and only by knowing the exact temperature nicotine distill at this would not work. that not to say that you can distill nicotine at all. and to say this is about 40 mg at the end is just alot of BS. if your going to try something like this use alcohol to strip the oils out of the tobacco then just evaporate all the alcohol till its gone and add PG or VG to your solution. then look into a test kit to tell you the exact nicotine milligram of your extract. be safe do not follow this video

jsnowbrien says:

It is very sad knowing that if the FDA gets their way people have to resort to this here in the United States. But if you can't get high grade clean nicotine from places like Wizard Labs then you got to do what you got to do. I'm sure I do the same thing. I'd probably invest in a higher quality alkaline extraction setup from a chemistry website. I would definitely use this guys nicotine and continue making my own e-juice over pre-filled Blu or Njoy cartridges.

MasterLieutenantCeo says:

why not just smoke the tabacoo?

Brian Becsi says:

Nice!  Very cool!

soqrates hassan says:

man really really thank u so much for this method u gived the vaper a big help cuz here in jordan they ban e cig and liqued u saved my ass dude but can u tell me when u do this extract u extract only nicotine or there is somthing eles will be extracted with it ?

soqrates hassan says:

washing soda is what u put to wash cloth ?

mohd fazdli says:

Can I boil it instead of waiting it evaporate to low it concentration?

I3ordo says:

Is steeping necessary for mixing Nbase with a 0 mgr juice ?(cigar coffee already steeped) with a 34mgr Nbase?

Meyore Muslim says:

hello there, at the beginning if i used hot water without washing soda is that any problem?

Hekca20 says:

This is like a strong cigarette? How much nicotine does it take to overdose?

Faizal Yacob says:

thanks for sharing, Vapin Straightnic. Is the boiling water at 1 L? How much wash soda you use? What is the weigh of the tobacco (grams) that you plan to extract?

jsnowbrien says:

Approximately how many cigarettes it would take to make one 30ml bottle of 12mg e-liquid? I go through one 30ml bottle about every 7 days and feel like this is the equivalent to my pack a day habit nicotine wise. From my research on average one cigarette has 12mg nicotine available that means it would take only 30 cigarettes to make 1, 12mg 30ml bottle that would mean vaping is five to six times more efficient than smoking. Am I correct anybody have any links they can recommend?

captainnemo says:

all that effort and the cost of the tobacco i would rather buy 1L of nicotine in 74mg strength

Gilbert Angeles says:

this is a big help thank you….

siafulinux says:

Would pipe tobacco work? It's really not very expensive.

Eugene Chow says:

how do you dilute the water base nicotine? with what?

Bongtasia Duelfiend says:

I'm in Kentucky though =D
// we got that fre$h grown too m/
but even then ,… all my dreams Crash & Burn
– After Seeing this, I can Only Imagine The Pissed off Mob
.:. No One had to Follow The Video or anything .:.
Plus it's better way of Extracting Tobacco than I've seen
These ones make my skin crawl, The Closet Ghetto Nicotine

Bongtasia Duelfiend says:

seeing this, drives me crazy too, but
there is No "but" …. "No Comment" =X

Sam Nugraha says:

how can we measure the strength … any hints?

N257TV says:

bedankt vladimir holland

Johnny Parsnips says:

This is really, really, really, redundant. Vaping isn't anywhere safer than smoking if you're still vaping various carcinogens from the tobacco plant that you cannot remove or filter with your equipment…

NickTheKnightPiper says:

Isn't Nicotine PG and/or VG based? wouldn't it be easier to put the tobacco in a e liquid base and letting it sit?

babilony1 says:

Does it make a difference the nicotine/mg of tobacco used on the final concentration? I.e. If i use cigar tobacco vs tobacco of light cigarettes (2mg) will the nicotine concentration of final extract be changed?

HulaKinza says:

Thanks, for us Danes it is not legal to buy nicotine base in Denmark by law for this purpose…. We will just make it ourself now.. YES!!

KayaButterBread7 says:

can i replace sodium carbonate with baking soda?

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