Electronic Cigarettes 101 – What Nicotine Level Should You Choose?

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Electronic Cigarettes 101. Tonight we will be looking at nicotine levels for noobs. How much is too much when it comes to nicotine levels? Use the links below to visit my other sites or get the ecig mod I am using in this video.

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music is life says:

i quit real cigs 21 days ago i started with a vape pen the first 5 days and 24 mg wasnt even close to enough now i vape 18 mg at 100watts with a sigelei 150tc and crown uwell sub tank people say oh use 6mg its not enough ecigs barely deliver close to the nicotine real cigs do its been studied about and blood nicotine levels have been measured they did a study of first and second generation devices and used 18mg of juice and what they found was at 9 watts and 18mg you only reached the amount of nicotine from a real cig after 30 mins alot of the ecig is placebo effect but it does help people quit with the new devices that go up on wattage very high its still not as effective compared to a real cig in terms of nicotine deliver but its definately getting closer and anyways i found that the science isnt lying an ecig will help you quit but just doesnt equal a real cig no matter the watts or nicotine level but high nicotine and watts you can get pretty close this has to do with the particle size of the nicotine in cigs being smaller and getting deeper lung penetration due to higher heat than ecigs along with othet chemicals that aid nicotine to being more potent that ecigs do not contain as well as the maoi antidepressant chemicals cigs contain making you addicted to more than just nicotine albeit nicotine being the most addictive chemicals that being said ecigs have been the only way i have ever been able to quit in my life although there were some withdrawl hopefully i can take steps down on nicotine level over time but if you were a heavy smoker like me go (2+ packs a day) straight for the mods and good tank and start at 16-18

TazePlayz says:

I use 0% nicotine because I like doing tricks and I dont want to get addicted

Sev Jakes says:

Im currently using 24 with my ego one. This is not healthy for me lol but I like that throat hit.

Adam Baker says:

I started at 24MG and nearly gave up on several different flavors from the likes of Space Jam and Sergeant Vapor just choked me out. I assume they are 50/50 but may not be. Nearly as I was to never consider vape again I reduced the nic levels and I can finally hit it weather it's all PG or not.

Noel Baldwin says:

Does nicotine increase the vapor produced?

markalejandrox says:

been watching your videos for a year, since it's a year I started vaping. I was a smoker since i was 14 y.o. I'm 34 now, and vaping is one of the best ways to quit the cigs. I was a pack to two pack a day marls red, camels. I started vaping on 24mg, cut down to 18, then to 12 and stayed there for few months, then down to 8 then 6… over time each level gave med headaches and made me lazy. I vaped a lot. now i'm on my third day on zero nic. don't have much of a nic craving , but it's there. will give this a go for a month see whether or not the nic cravings will totally diminish. as of the throat hit, i'm using Quitin T2 liquid which you blend with a normal e juice. and it really gives you the throat hit. I would like to read stories of ppl actually quitting nic totally… so please share…

AJ2756 says:

Maybe you could help me out. I've got a EVOD MEGA Starter Kit. Currently on 12MG and was smoking 30+ a day previously. But with this I don't seem to get a lot of 'cloud' from this one and gives me a sore throat. And at the same time I just don't feel it. Makes me want to smoke normally. any suggestions?

Jerica Lincoln says:

I'm a 2 pack a day smoker just got a mod for my first device an ego one 2200.  I have a 5% solution. don't know about mg. its hard to say if its enough it doesn't burn tastes great and I filled two or three times today. but it was never empty so I don't know any advice. btw I also smoked 5 cigs today but its better then 2 packs like yeaterday. oh yeah and I bought this yesterday at 5pm

Wesley Thomas says:

I switched to vaping without nic when I quit dipping. I would go though a can day. I used my vape for a month and then quit using it. It's been 6 months and I have not had a nic craving at all. The nic thing is subjective thing!

Sway Nation says:

I just do vaping for the hell of it I started and still do 0 nicotine just fun to do

Guild Wars 2 Player 4 Life says:

I have been playing with the cigalikes and little vapes for beginners. I started three days ago on the iTaste VTR after watching your review of one and I have not smoked a real traditional cigarette since. I think I finally kicked the traditional cigarettes ass with the Box mod. Like you had said if you are for real about quitting smoking go with a mod for sure. I am using 24ml/mg of nicotine for now until I am ready to go lower.

Debbie Martin says:

I was a two pack a day smoker. .So 10 months ago I tried 2.5 little vape cigarette I went back smoking my cigarettes. .But I did not give up..Two days later bought a Spinner 2 with a Kanger pro 3 tank. Which by the way chocked the shit out of me..but stuck with it..With 24mg nicotine and 10 months later still Vaping. .This week dropped to 18 mgs will drop more when I buy my first Mod..But I'm stuck in that department I want a Mod that works like my Spinner drop the coil..fill the juice ..and just vape..Easy

Mr Krett says:

I`m the only one who vapes 36mg?

Katicus says:

Does the nicotine level do anything better or worse to the flavor? I'm on 4mg but if i moved up to 6-8mg does it bring out the flavor more or less or nothing at all? I only smoked half a pack a day and started on 4mg but if i get more flavor then I'll move up to the higher level. I'm on a 50/50 mix but I don't want to go any higher on the PG.

scorpion528 says:

6 mg on sub ohm not cutting it for me Just ordered 12mg.BUT I am a guy who actually digs the throat hit and that peppery burn ( most people don't)

PsychosisFire says:

I bought my first e-cig last week, and haven't had a real cigarette for the last 3 days, only been vaping since then. I've found it relatively easy to stop actual smoking, although today's definitely been the hardest day so far. I've been on 12mg, but I've found that I need to constantly vape in order to get my fix, so I might level up to 18mg the next time I get some more e-liquid.

scott matthews says:

I did smoke near two packs a day, was using 36mg on a ego battery and it was fine, switched to the smok xpro m22 mod with a nautilus mini tank and its sitting me on my arse. Can't take more than 2 drags before I've had enough which is a bit annoying because I'd like to enjoy say 10 drags to compare it to analogue. Can someone advise ( roughly ) what would be the best strength for me to do this?

pmcgktr says:

I'm on 18mg and always have been, hoping that around the start of next year i can wind down to 12mg.

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