Automotive Clay Design Process

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The complete Clay Design process using Autodesk Alias and PowerINSPECT on Stiefelmayer hardware.

This novel solution combining CMM and software for machining uses the CMM as a multi-purpose tool for inspection, marking out and milling. The designer can machine a complete car body, or just sections of the design.

PowerINSPECT is a world-leading inspection software offering flexibility, ease-of-use and professional results.

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Coslo Nash says:

Very interesting and powerful way of shaping. Diverting a bit, I wonder whether this has ever been tried on wood. Not having this nice tool set I sculpture manually :). Check out my Facebook pages if you want.

Jacek Jacek says:

Hello, could You tell me what material is used to make model which is milling?

Ulises Ramirez Pena says:

What kind of clay is used in this video and what program do they use?

swift9394 says:

Always use hololens 

Roy Pierce says:

It is a representative video of a possible future of evolutionary proses.
I think I like it.

watahyahknow says:

looking at the way the computerdesign is put intoo a model i think it whont be long untill they change to a 3d printer and just lay the model down in plastic layers

netsurfer912 says:

Nice CNC stuff, but how did you clean it and how was it painted? But …

Why the fuck clay when you aren't working with it?

Riley Apon says:

Ben Bailey!

Saytahne666 says:

Nice model, but does it blend?

Nathaniel Lindsay says:

This design video is very interesting ….

S1KRYD says:

I clay sculpt too. But I do it all by hand and full size. Then I build the car, make it road legal and drive it on the roads. Check out my videos for some really cool concepts I have designed and built. Also some really good tutorials to help those that want to do this sort of work and build and drive there own concept car :)

Michael Nguyen says:

My question is why don't you just 3d print it out of hard materials and paint it up? I thought the idea of clay was to work on the shape some more 

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