VBS Programming ( Visual Basic Scripting )

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VBScript is an easy to work in scripting language that is built in to Microsoft windows so you don’t need to do much to make it work.

It is kind of just glorified batch files but it is good for learning the basics.


murat Turhan says:


Beefieeee says:

Upgrade that RAM!!!!!!

Recuerda Facil says:

i think its posible make a game just using asp cause its still vbscript

gramahL says:

ok so your saying that i already know a little bit about vb with out even knowing it lol
i play around with message box's alot

1Bonehed says:

It is great that you are doing this. I like the way you break it down in sections as to not overwhelm us. Thank You

Nicholas A. says:

@BlackwaterOpsDotCom I haven't taken Python yet. but it just different code. when it comes to it, in the end result.

Biz of Tech says:

@onomatopoeia162003 Python is still Python when it runs on the desktop or the server. ASP is scripting language and is VB… The only real difference is where it executes

Nicholas A. says:

@BlackwaterOpsDotCom because you compared it to ASP.

Biz of Tech says:

@onomatopoeia162003 Did I say it was? Or you mean because I compared to ASP? I was talking about language and syntax.

Nicholas A. says:

yeah but vb isn't "server side code" 😛

nobodypersonsomeone says:

Brandon you've taken on a huge task.

acer19994 says:

hey i am using shell("shutdown -s") in a Visual Basic program does anybody know if it will damage my pc?

Mike Monji says:

…so deal with it. Brandon's funny

Tamaine Miller says:

yay. you're going to teach us how to code?

lhamil64 says:

I've run VB scripts before, and I think tried looking at a few to see how they worked, but I've never gotten around learning how to make one (other than making a new vbs file). Looking forward to these tutorials!

gundambob646 says:

i guess your my homework buddy 😛

Alex Walker says:

*visual even…

Alex Walker says:

@BlackwaterOpsDotCom Oh ok even better, I'm more than ready lol

Biz of Tech says:

@ojmar We are starting with VBS so you don't need anything but Notepad… But I'm glad you are enthusiastic.

Alex Walker says:

Virtual basic downloaded, I'm ready to learn 😀

Nicholas A. says:

visual basic is fun.

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