PHP Tutorial Learn Array Programming for User Agent Script : Get Browser and OS

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Learn how to program arrays in PHP at a basic enough level to make an efficient user agent sniff script. We use a foreach loop to run the evaluation needed for finding a match in the user agent string. Adam is using Notepad++ for code editing in this video.


Amy Carlo says:

How to put my user agent php in my website

Morris Valentine says:

why are you using an associative array? it would also work with a normal array and an ordinary for-Loop.

Stephen Murray says:

Thanks a lot for this

Virtous says:

actually, it's notepad++

akahomie100 says:

Very similar to ROBLOX scripting. I bet I can do this.

connormcwood2 says:

@winfr34k its in the notepad settings you idiot.

winfr34k says:

@connormcwood2 The color scheme is completely different. He customized it, smartass!

connormcwood2 says:

@winfr34k save the file as a .php and it will autmaticly do it

Kevin Chan says:

great tutorial

Nicklas Qvick says:

Thank you, Adam

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