My Healthy Diet Routine: Get Slim For Summer! + School Lunch & Snack Ideas!

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Hi Glitter Critters!! Today I’m going to be showing you my healthy diet routine just in time to slim down and get healthier for the summertime. I’m also featuring an amazing product called NatureBox! It’s a monthly subscription service that provides nutritious snacks every month! I hope you have fun watching and if you Tweet out the link to this video using the hashtag #GlitterForever17, I will FOLLOW YOU ON TWITTER! Make sure to click THUMBS UP and add this video to your favorites if you want to see more videos like this one and I thank you so much for watching and have a Glitterful day!!

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Sugih Hidayat says:

Stephanie you can learn more about Pure Garcinia Cambogia if you go to watch this video the video has information about Garcinia Cambogia. I ordered my bottle after I finished watching the video. Visit google plus page => My Healthy Diet Routine: Get Slim For Summer! + School Lunch & Snack Ideas!

Inga laksafoss simonsen says:

I am getting confused ,she makes healthy, nutricious and vegan food and then she makes gummy and chocolate:p

7laabigail777 says:

What about dinner????? :(

MelodyProX says:

I was eating hot Cheetos when I was watching this and when she said put it down I just dropped it XD

Stephanies & Bae Msp Vids says:

Its Not Fair Nature Box Is Only For America

Fancy Honey898 says:

Watching this made me really hungry I might even try this method. ^ … ^ ;)

Andrea Daniels says:

jesus christ this video was so cringey

TehKitteh01 says:

Try yogurt in cereal instead of milk. Its so delicious! Plus the cereal doesn't get soggy so fast.

Genetri! says:

I will take the big mac with large fries, oh and also the number 7 combo yea??

doni cute says:

i love this

Rhysjohn Knezevic says:

That is what Danial Keaton needs

Kamryn massey says:

You wear to much lipstick gillterforever

mirna032xXx says:

You obviously need to educate yourself about healthy food. You are creating a wrong message to all the people subscribed to your channel.

Miri Soji says:

your nature box link is not working

DD says:

this routine has excessive amounts of carbs. Bread with cereal ? Grapes and yogurt with pineapple ? where is the balance here ? this diet is sugar laden, natural or not it is still is sugar

BeautyStuffAndNails. says:

Shes a little chubby tbh…

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