Introducing Spot

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Spot is a four-legged robot designed for indoor and outdoor operation. It is electrically powered and hydraulically actuated. Spot has a sensor head that helps it navigate and negotiate rough terrain. Spot weighs about 160 lbs.


b00ger901 says:

my left ear likes a different part than my right ear.

RpgBlaster “RpgBlasterRpg” Rpg says:

Can we Ride The Robot
with a seat like WC ? and piss off on them ?

Valkoor Forge says:

xD looks like two drunk people carrying furniture!!!

Yavuz Akan says:

Vay babanın mına koyayım. Gavur Hakikaten yapıyor. Kardeşim.

chewbaccasatan says:

I was assuming a particle canon was going to come out its ass and just vaporize the guys that kicked it.. Well the terminator is probably going to happen :

Jiggsaw187 says:

Those could be terminator guard dogs

zlivalavida says:

Ι am not being sarcastic here, but how is this thing going to make life for people easier? Someone who knows of robotics and technology please explain this to me if you please.

1500 Rosamund says:

WOW this is damn cool!!! His coordination is better than human! :OOOOOOO I can just imagine, how many engines they put inside and how is he made :O <3 <3 <3 /Btw… I think ppl who 'feel bad' cause of the robots, they are a bit creepy… :s If you are kicking a car, do you feel the same? Its just about the structure for this one, who looks like animal- its not a real one :)))

Lieutenant Kubler says:

I gave this 5 out of 5 Stars

킬러외계 says:

Hm could use these robots disguised as monsters in movies

hjc says:

Don't kick me anymore  T T

toxicwaste08300 says:

robot abuse I'm reporting that to police lmao

BazookaAce says:


Zantosification says:

put a minigun on it and let the party beginn

Scott Lum says:

Why don't the front legs have wrists?

Gabriel Rd says:

It's just biding its time, proving its competence, passing its tests until it's fully fledged and handed over to the marines who will then weaponise it with a minigun…. then, after a night of battery charging, it will make its way back to boston dynamics HQ where it will get its revenge on the guy that kept kicking it.

The Stalker says:

I'm cringing so hard reading all the bitching about the thing being kicked. It's a hunk of electronics, not a dog god damn it. You have absolutely nothing to do with it, its development, funding, ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. You only find it to be cute. Don't act like that brings you any authority, like you have anything to say about what becomes of it.

Dipolelo Methi says:

1:15 Perfect simulation of a slow running horse.

TheMate01 says:

imagine a herd of those things coming at you

Kevin Chamberlain says:

Of what use are they?

Mc Nydia says:

this is where the Railroad came out

deadpiece111 says:

too much noise

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