How to trade stock options for beginners

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Option Trading for beginners live training webinar replay.

During this webinar on Stock Options trading you will discover:
– Why option traders have a unique advantage over stock traders
– Why trading stocks is more risky than trading stock options
– You will learn the secrets to growing a small trading account.
– How you can control expensive stocks like Google, Amazon and Tesla for a fraction of the cost.

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Christopher Banacka says:

hummm you can EASILY put in a stop loss order instantly after you buy in. So you could easily set your max loss to be .001 cents if you want, and your max loss will just be broker fees…

Think it is time to end this video. Being taught be a huge ass hat who either lies, or doesn't understand what he is teaching.

Christopher Banacka says:

how many times does this guy say that you have a 2 in 3 chance to lose on a stock trade? Does he think you when you go long or short you are rolling the dice to pick which one?

Daniel K. says:

This is way too hard for me. I feel retarded.

Janel Christine says:

Great video for beginners!

Ryan Glaze says:

thanks for the info .

Qwertyuiop Qwertyuiop says:

Good stuff bruh! I've been selling cash secured PUT options and cash cover CALL options for a little over a year now. I'm always willing to learn new strategies so I bought your more than reasonable program. Looking forward to working with you.

eladio hernandez says:

Andy tanner rich dad coach ??

titaniumsandwedge says:

This seminar is misleading and is intended to suck in low-capitalized investors to a seemingly can't lose proposition. The reality is that most equity options either expire worthless or closed out unprofitably. Are options a scam? No. Longs protect their downside with puts. Shorts protect overhead with calls. A treader can make money trading options; but these are well capitalized sophisticated people. A newbie is gator-bait and will run out of money before profits start to roll.

The real secret to options trading is to be a seller of options. Many well-heeled individuals earn huge amounts of money just by cashing in premiums from the selling of options. This trading strategy wins over the long run because most options expire worthless or closed out unprofitably (repeat from above). But it takes a very large portfolio to have the wherewithal to sell options. Consequently, it does not sell well to the get rich quick types.

Constantin Spiridon says:

If all the people will learn how to trade options, how will we make money?

MrBigjoe1977 says:

i want to learn brother

Luis Navarrete says:

how can I start buying option and where ????

photoshoot11 says:

Very well laid out for a newbie/beginner like me!!!!

Mono Julien says:

your video is great ambition for me to start small and become a huge trader with a top hegd fund firm

miguel thecreditor says:

so how and where would you go to set up an account to trade options? can you go to the major brokerages like Ameritrade etc..?

Izzy Martinez says:

This is some good stuff. THANKS for posting up a video of basics of options. I may end up purchasing your course because I am really interested in learning more about options. Do you have a group chat on your site as well? Thanks

Leighton Facey says:

this was helpful. I went through an online course on options a few months ago and I am still trying to wrap my head around it and get moving. There are still several things I still don't understand like say you get into a trade and it doesn't go your way, with options is there a way to minimize your loss?

Ashwin Mathur says:

One thing I am confused about is if I issue a call option on the market for stock ABC for 100 shares with a strike price of $100 @ 1 dollar/stock and the call option is valid for 1 month. Say if someone exercises the option, does that means i have to get 100 stocks of ABC from the market or is it a requirement that I have 100 stocks on hand before I put that call option out? Say I don't have money to buy those 100 stocks when he exercises the option?

Spencer Arrowood says:

100 shares going up $50 = $5000, not $500.

Spencer Arrowood says:

Good stuff!

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