How to make a Toy Insect Robot

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Here is very a simple and easy way to make your own insect robot. You can easily change the shape of legs and see different funny and interesting movements of the bug robot. Follow the video add your idea on top of it and make yourself.
A robot generally is very difficult in structure. It has complex mechanical parts, electronic and sensor circuit boards, firmware and software. Therefore difficult to make at home yourself and students loose interests on it. That is why made this video of insect robo toy to grow the interest in Robotics among the armature and students.
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thanks. god make you a server, benefiter to humanity,honesty.

yash ghare says:

Nice it works

Skylander Trap Team says:

helped me

Aditya Puri says:

Cool english dude

Instituto Santana says:

Simple design of robotics . Very good!

KayZBear x says:

Jus Reign?

Is that you?

Relax Life says:

Almost Nice Video. Oscar for his performance in this movie.

prosun Biswas says:

sir can you told me why we need to add resistance in a mosfet or speaker to active the circuit. please give me this valuable explanation

Savage Wolfy says:

this would be cool to do and then put in front of my cats and dog lol

Vasanthakumar.L kumar says:

so simple and funny

Theekholms says:

We love bugs! Great show. Please check out our show on how to make a pitfall bug trap and catch a big bug!

L. Santos says:

These indians are really good at teching

Trinia Floyd says:

That's so cool

ojas mahaddalkar says:

Its awesome but I can't get how you made it can you make it in some open space so that I can see what you did actually.

Boom Doom says:

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Ayush Nair says:

I can`t get some parts ?where do you find Them?

Fffggg Cfgh says:

برا يخلي بڨعك

Fffggg Cfgh says:

برا يخلي بڨعك

curiosity KILLED the CAT says:

how can one make a robo which moves it's hands up and down?
your videos are awesome

Nischay Jain says:

is there any particular value for the jumper or vero board ????? plzz reply

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