How to make a Car – Powered Car – Very Simple

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Learn how to make a car (powered toy) using a plastic bottle.


Naufal Rifaldy says:

mantab sekai :)

Aditya Kshirsagar says:

Ill do it rightt….fucking stop

someone toyou says:

may nanonood ba nito na grade 7 galing jgss 2015-2016 dahil pinapagawa sila ni putang ina nilang science teacher!!!

Imma Bad bitch *_* says:

what's the thing he opened to get that other stuff out

CaveSpiderProductionz says:

SO AWESOME!!!!!!!!!

swampie pig says:

thanks i used it for my assigment project

Kays Whitney says:

What is the motor thing from that u used?

Jasmine Carreno says:

what type of battery is it? does it work with any?

Saya Fattah says:

how can you do this can 8 years old do this i'm malaysian

Gabriel Gonzales says:

Yeah I'm not wasting my time with this bullshit.

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