Vaccination: Parents Conclude Vaccines Are Not Safe For Their Children

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Close – Brittney’s two girls had severe reactions to a vaccination and after much investigation decided to never vaccinate again. Brittney did an extensive review of vaccine safety and vaccine efficacy and concluded that vaccines are too dangerous for her children, and that vaccines are not required for the health of her children. She doesn’t understand why vaccines have never been tested in combination for the entire childhood immunization schedule. She gave her oldest the DTaP vaccine and then the child got an ear infection after that vaccination. This daughter was no longer vaccinated after that. Brittney was bullied into vaccinating her youngest child with the Hib vaccine (Haemophilus Influenzae Type b) and then for the next 11 months her child would not sleep properly. She says she should have followed her intuition and never have given her child that vaccine. If parents are curious about whether or not to vaccinate, Brittney recommends that parents do research first before deciding to vaccinate. She beieves there is no such thing as a safe vaccine. Her goal is to ensure her children have healthy immune systems for if they do get a communicable disease. Learn more at

She opposed mandatory vaccination.

Stop Mandatory Vaccination

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nametaggoeshere says:

Are you fucking kidding me? Where is this research you mentioned? All you gave were some anecdotes and silly-ass conclusions. Point me to a single, peer reviewed study that clearly demonstrates the danger of vaccines and then you can talk.

If the any of the viewers honestly think that a mother and father duo with minimal experience with medicine (I'm not talking about the EMPIRICAL field of EMTs) has any business in talking about health, you are out of your goddamned mind.

Oona Kelly says:

When I was five I was going to Canada and we had to get shots. My parents decided to not get me the shot for a crazy sickness and it would last me for life. So I didn't get one. I went to Canada and as soon got home I had a fever. I was sent to the hospital I had a seizure that made my brain swell. I lost sight it both eyes. Luckily, I was able to get sight in my right eye and that is it. I spent 10 years going through hell doing therapy. When I was 12 I had to get blood work done so they took some of my blood. One of the test came back and I had the antibodies from the sickness that my parents had not got me shot for. I am 23 and I still hate my parents for that. After the shot I would only by sick for about a day. I would still want to be sick then not have sight in my left eye.

Hamidah Mohammed says:

All the best with life without vaccines.

Dave Merino says:

Doctors have a hard time putting their ego aside.
Instead, they resort to bully tactics and try to
strong arm parents into vaccinating their child.

Dave Merino says:

GlaxoSmithKline paid out $63 million to vaccine damaged children in the UK bringing their total legal payouts for damages and fraud to over $9 billion since 2003.

Dave Merino says:

the freedom of citizens to exercise their basic human and civil right to refuse forced medical procedures is filed with the state.

If there is a risk, there MUST be a choice.

Major Jesse Carnes says:

The reason the SAFETY of Vaccines has Never been Scientifically TESTED is because the RESULTS would be the same IF NON-Vaccinated children [ Say, the Amish ] were COMPARED, health-wise, to Vaccinated children. NON-vaccinated children are Infinitely Healthier than Vaccinated ones. This is also why the US Govt will NOT give a Grant for such a study. The Trillion-Dollar Pharmaceutical Industry would almost literally HAVE A COW!!!!! Heads would roll, no doubt. So the Safety and Effectiveness of Vaccines have NEVER been tested . . . and NEVER WILL be. Pregnant mothers are EXPECTED to trust their Pediatricians' advice, and if they do not, the Pediatricians in 90% of the cases become as "Mad as March Hares" and BULLY the mothers with threats of SENDING IN Social Workers . . . . . . . . and we KNOW that THAT means!!!!!!!

kogadoga says:

I support this! Thank you for sharing!

J Faria says:

BTW, the reason why so many kids are getting the hepatitis B shot so soon, its because, from all the STDs out there, hepatitis B is the easiest one to spread. You dont need to have sex to a infected patient to get the decease, it can be spread by saliva, blood , semen and vaginal fluids.


FutureMoneyTrends says:

MUST WATCH. Vaccines DO harm children

gangigirl1 says:

Why are people like this considered crazy if they don't believe the "safe and effective" mantra regarding vaccines?
If you scratch below the surface, there is ever mounting evidence that vaccines are not safe and have been "researched" by scientists with great conflicts of interest.

Cayla Singer says:

AMEN! thank you Larry, you're doing an amazing thing.

Helena Haapamäki says:

Do Americans really recommend 38 shots in the first year? That sounds ridiculous, this is the UK's scheduale:

Two months old – Diphtheria, tetanus, pertussis, polio and Hib (DTaP/IPV/Hib) Pneumococcal conjugate (PCV) Rotavirus = 2 shots + 1 oral medicine

Three months old –  Diphtheria, tetanus, pertussis, polio and Hib (DTaP/IPV/Hib)
Meningococcal C conjugate (MenC) Rotavirus = 2 shots + 1 oral medicine

Four months old – Diphtheria, tetanus, pertussis, polio and Hib (DTaP/IPV/Hib) Pneumococcal conjugate (PCV) = 2 shots

Total = 6 shots + 2 oral medicine…. I am confused :S

LISA J says:

They count the antigens in the shots all separately to make it sound more scary.

Steve L says:

LARRY: How do we connect?  Steve

Katy Lyons says:

Did you know that the ad before this video is marketing the HPV vaccination????

EllyW says:

Thank you for making this video, Brittney!  You're a really good spokesperson, obviously intelligent, caring, a loving mom.  I hope many parents will see your video.

Another great video, Larry!  You know what I wish?  I wish that instead of showing stupid animated cartoons on the big TV in the waiting room, my pediatrician would show your videos!  He's actually a good doc who respects parents' right to choose re: vaccination — maybe I'll ask him about this.  (But he's in a group practice with other docs including one who has a reputation for bullying parents about vaccines…so who knows…)

Jess Ica says:

Amazing!! 1000% agree!!

Vegas Flatout says:

The gov and medical dept have to look at Forced vaccination since so many people are not vaccinating.
We all need to stick together and take care of our families. All vaccines are keeping disease continuing. 

Tom Goffnett says:

I want to see more videos like this.  This is very well done.  Thank you and the other families that are helping.  Shalom.

I liked and subscribed.

Major Jesse Carnes says:

Brittney . . . superb!!!  You are on the correct path.   SEE Dr. Russell Blaylock on YouTube concerning the dangers of Vaccines, and also Dr. Andy Wakefield of England, as well as Dr. Vernon Coleman from England.

Greg Madison says:

Your story is sh*t. Luddites like you shouldn’t be allowed to use technology to express your ignorance and arrogance. In fact, you should be allowed to drive a car (people have adverse reactions to car accidents, you know) or wear a seat belt (sometimes those don’t work) and use electricity (you could get electrocuted you know). The benefits of vaccination far far outweigh the risks, and your decision to not vaccinate makes you a sponge on herd immunity.

Greg Madison says:

A fucking ear infection?!? Are you serious? You are morons. You didn’t do research. You aren’t a scientist. You don’t know crap. I hope your kids grow up smarter than you.

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