The Physics of Car Crashes

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How is the chemical energy of gasoline transformed into kinetic energy of a moving car? And where does that kinetic energy go when the car crashes into something and stops moving?

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Nix6p says:

Someone rear-ended me the other day. The car's still driveable, but I'm worried it might be a write-off because it's such an old car.
Feels bad.

Dinar Dinar says:

If a plane stays still in the air for 10 hours and doesnt move, why doesnt the plane end somewhere afterwarda, because the earth is spinning, right?

Nick Terry says:

Robots don't like acceleration either! My team built a computer for use on a battleship. They need to be shock tested and a surprising number of good computer parts can't handle the acceleration.

Dipanjan Nag says:

Ah very informative. It is astonishing to know what level of engineering and Physics goes into making cars and other machines of our daily lives. Thanks for such a nice video.

Z zz says:

Useless knowledge that everyone already knows and would only take 3seconds to explain, you are just making this crap because Ford payed you money.

quosmo1 says:

0:35 sperm + cup = car ?

fenhen says:

Anyone else think those teaspoons were sperm?

Nikola Mitrovic says:

Can you explain to me this. When i fart in a bus.Lets say im sitting in the back, how can someone smell it in front of the bus? i want to know what smell is? i fart a very little supstance but the whole bus can smell it? how is it possible? And its the same thing like lions smelling blood from half a killometar? I would be very thankfull if ylu do a video about this

CaptainZhariff says:

Poor stegosauraus

Captain Crater says:

It takes 5 sperms of gas to accelerate a car……

BoomTheGuardian says:

The safest place to put a metal spike in a car is the center of the steering wheel. Would you drive unsafely if there was a metal spike aimed at your chest?

K. Yip says:

lol, 0:30, looks like five sperm cells

Zoravur Singh says:

Wow, car engines are maddeningly innefficient.

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