The First Few Moments That Physics Can’t Explain

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Although science has provided astounding insights into the origins of the universe, we’re still not quite sure what happened in those very first few moments.

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Divine Linker says:

so science dont explain everything. you dont say? well its so obvious then. it must be that an anthropomorphic omnipresent entity created earth end everything else, and sent his hippie kid to say words to its inhabitants, as it was to be expected. its finally official: god exist!!!

Teth47 says:

All I've seen so far is people complaining about creationists. I haven't seen a single one here. Calm your tits people, talk about the video, not about things that may happen around the video that also happen to be absolutely unproductive discussions.

llfacelessll says:

οh great.. my brain hurts a little less than expected..

Soldier of Destruction says:

Way to go Hank! That's a nice shirt.

young juice says:

what if there was no big bang because there was no beginning meaning that the universe is just here because its here plain and simple. and the concept of time doesnt even exist, at least not how we think it does because much like alot of things we think we understand in the universe we're really misunderstanding completely because its just too much for us to even fathom or comprehend…

SirDeanosity says:

Theory of Everything? Like cooking anything and everything in boiling water. Boiled cornbread anyone?

laserfloyd says:

Ok, Hanks shirt was mesmerizing me. Is it black with blue strips or blue with black stripes? I gotta re-watch the video now.

OfficialHuMan says:

42 0s blaze it

Oprean Trifan Mircea says:

Jhon is wearing his black and gold shirt again.

aceman67 says:

wouldn't it be funny if the answer turned out to be 42? I'd laugh.

alrightythen214 says:

LOL the plankey pock!

MrFatilo says:

Can someone explain how 'one force' can split into various different ones? I mean if we consider white light one thing we're already mistaking since it's a composite of a whole range of light with various wavelengths, we can split those, but they were never really 'one' to begin with.

levi boffamartin says:


Sylvain Poncet says:

String theory ?

Alexander TheLegend says:

How would the answer to this question solve or change anything? (Asking this because I am truly wondering if it is worth answering)

Andrew Ah Liki says:

Isn't it possible to say that they are still the same thing and just have a theory that takes specifics with a pinch of uncertainty? I mean quantum mechanics added up makes up general relativity so maybe at larger scales uncertainty just seems to not play a large role. It's probably still there. Or does that make no sense?

TheOneJester says:

Is That a black/blue or gold/white shirt?

Petra Marbun says:

Quantum Mechanics don't make any sense, do they?
General Relativity in the other hand is incredibly accurate.

Just make a universe then you'll know.

eduard1307 says:

Proves how science can never answer "why"…

romela casas says:

Random message:
Black holes are holes that are black

Gallen Dugall says:

What happens in the few million trillions of a second after the big bang, stays in the few million trillions of a second after the big bang.

IBridPk says:

The simulation was switched on, the expansion of the universe and laws of physics are all programmed. The creators have made it impossible to prove. Spiritual entities and some UFO's are from outside of this 'program' and they project themselves into the simulation which is why they defy the laws of physics. Yeah i'm probably too high for this shit.

datonz says:

The universe is a thing that came from a time when there were no things and no time.

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