“Should I study Graphic Design?” ft. OrinsEyes

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A chat with Orin about what it’s like for us to study more art-based/creative courses at University – Graphic Design and Music Production.

Video on Orin’s channel: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o7ITqm1Roo8
Orin’s channel: http://youtube.com/orinseyes



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Marsh Production says:

make more video you bothhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Maria K.Q. says:

Can you tell us your soundcloud please?? :)

bongiornoana says:

im also studying Graphic Design and I think studying it at uni helps you a lot to like see all of the options you can have as a graphic designer and to explor thing you might not do otherwise. But then again I think it is a very self tought thing tbh uni might give you a guide but it is up to you to explore more to learn more specially since this is a field that is constantly changing

Vi'sLife says:

I remember when i first subscribed to you you had about 2k subscribers and now you have 17k!!

I'm in a similar situation. I want to study graphic design but my parents say architecture. But at least I have 2 more years to decide…

anton.//quit. [antonkvo] says:

Great video Ana and Orin!

yumetokki says:

oh my god you have over 17k subs already!! >< I remember you having just over a 1000 awww im glad people are discovering ur cool channel 😀 and this chat was so nice! I'm planning on majoring on graphic design and hearing your guys' experiences was so nice ^^ ♥

slightplasticsheen says:

Great video! I'm studying Graphic Design at uni and it's great- although we've done no animation or motion graphics yet which is sad because I would love to learn!

bonjour.sera says:

Love this! :)

GirlyFrame says:

It's so good you went with your gut! My degree was not creative at all and I regret it so much.

xGhostGaming says:

I came across your channel yesterday and I just want to say that you're truly inspirational!

JIVA says:

Personally, I didn't know I wanted graphic design until recently. But since I was born I knew my thing was art.
Excellent video! Making videos together is a great project. ;)

dobbyfreebitch says:

A maneira como ele olha para ti e presta atenção ao que estás a dizer é tão cute. xD

scozio says:

Nice chat! I have an animation project for my channel up my sleeve that I had been hoping to start a couple of months ago but I had to put on hold for a bit… Now that you reminded me of that I can't wait to get that to happen!

Rivkah Rebelle says:

I study drama and minor in graphic design and fashion. It's awesome! You can do so much and there is so much freedom!!

justBorja says:

It was a very interesting chat 🙂 I'm studying English at uni, but I'm also interested in studying graphic design after that. I try to learn by myself until then 🙂
I didn't know you were interested in animation… Cool!

Samuel Wood says:

Hey Ana, really great video as usual! I just have one suggestion. Maybe bring the background music down a little bit so it's easier to hear you guys talk :)

digital d0m (digitald0m) says:

so good! thanks for sharing :)

pixelpi says:

Hopefully going to start studying graphic design in September, providing that my interviews go well!

Carmen Gavito says:

I'm an engineer but I feel like some art and creativity is missed in my career, I'm looking for something which mix tech and art.. Graphic design engineering exists, but not in Spain :(

Megan Lindsey says:

Are there any jobs involving graphic design with a schedule/steady income? I really love graphic design but I am worried I will always be stressed out working job to job. Loved the video xx

Flares says:

Studying graphic design in college sounds great. I'd love to follow that passion.

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