Nope, Nothing Threatening About Ads That Can See You

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Stephen’s favorite breakfast cereal has crossed the line.

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budred123 - Bernie Sanders FTW - says:

Suddenly burqas don't seem like such a bad thing…

Gin&Tonic says:

crunchy sounds like amethyst

Eric Kats says:

There needed to be a desk high five after 1:44

reachforacreech says:

jesus that was scary.seriously did you know that the NSA is actually selling your info to corporations.

Piriathy says:

You keep dreaming about the Trivago guy b/c he's discount George Clooney.

Chasing Garak says:

Advertising is taking over our lives…

Tukarama says:

Does anyone look at ads anymore? Billboards are easy to ignore. DVR means you fast forward through all commercials. AdBlocker saved the internet.

Technofungk says:

This….. was…..HILARIOUS!!!

ninuxy says:

Advertising companies are getting creepy just like our presidential candidates, i.e. Donald Tramp.

rillloudmother says:

i hereby pronounce thee: unfunny

WaitingToFade says:

That chipmunk is SOOO cute!!!

TheZooropaBaby says:

"Who the hell is Steve?"

Just gimme my $200 says:

Microsoft Kinect being used to spy on people, how fitting.

Shea McNamara says:

1:39 of course the best way to not come off as creepy is to say "I'm not trying to be creepy"

Kabitu1 says:

It's incredible how fucking gleeful advertisers can be about having found a new way of manipulating us. Not even trying to hide it any more, open press statements and everything, "we have r&d working day and night to find out how to make you give us money".

chasemebaby says:

My Grandmother hates the Trivago guy. She called just to say "Why does he look like that? Someone needs to wash him & shave him. I don't want his dirty website." LOLZ

Jay Parikh says:

that was actually really badass

Arcosian Cosine says:

Help us PC principal, you're our only hope.

Caleb says:

The second Stephen finishes saying says Its's been 5 minutes and youve yet to see an ad, an ad pops up on my screen lol

Battlefieldd3 says:


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