Neil deGrasse Tyson Ponders Quantum Physics, Marijuana and the Multiverse

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A fan asks, “Could a superhero have the power to travel around the multiverse, or would the different laws of physics in different universes make that impossible?” Neil deGrasse Tyson looks to quantum physics for the answer, explaining how particles – and possibly universes – can “pop in and out of existence.” But when co-host Chuck Nice says he wishes he had some marijuana to better appreciate the concept, the conversation turns to the value of pot when pondering mind-blowing possibilities like this one.

This “Behind the Scenes” video was shot during the recording of our episode, “Cosmic Queries: Super Powers.” If you’d like to listen to the full podcast, click here:

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Mark Larson says:

I don't even know why I subscribe to this channel anymore… One 3-5 minute clip per week of an episode that aired months ago.

L4DNightmare says:

does anyone know if cosmos is getting a season 2? i remember reading something about it happening but i want to be sure

Sparky Bravo says:

Neil and carl

Terry Long says:

They are potentially describing Dr. Manhattan.

Han Lockhart says:

lol. A theoretical physicist scientist knows more about comic Thor lore than an ordinary guy!

Cody H says:

you're talking about the flash lol

boy638 says:

If only they show full vids of the podcasts

FYIScience says:

4:00 That smooth molasses voice is what I watch this for.

And the science. :)

DeadPool NYC says:

The he their talking about? Deadpool!

kmultify says:

Neil should watch Rick and Morty

MasaTheSlayer says:

i am watching this high and i think that it adds, my mind is blown

mongol4live says:

you could also look different too this question:
the superhero has the ability to see/know the difference between the law of physics of the world he want's to visit and the world he live in and knows how those difference effect him so he can choose to only travel too save universes

which would add the fact that he has too make the choice too not save a universe and live or sacrifice himself too save one and abandon the once he can safely enter

SexDrugsNpostprod says:

2:10 it does :)

Formulka says:

marilize legajuana?

shawn b says:

Neil…. If you havnt experienced hydroponics yet, I urge you to take a leap of stellar faith lol.

βetaRay says:

Neil smoke De grasse Tyson

Bram iets says:

fucking love it

Tony Frazier (Crim) says:

Thor's Asgard actually sits outside our universe and connects to all of them because of that.

Doctor ORBiT says:

I love you guys :D

ozdergecko says:

Next time I watch a World Science Festival plenum hosted by Brian Green or Mr. Huckenberry I'll definitely smoke a lot more than usual. Maybe I'll see the solution to Grand Unification written on a blackboard. But probably I'll be too stoned to write it down or even remember it the next day…

Lil Juan says:

Neil boi i luhh u boi

knightone57 says:

Jet Li in the movie One.

John Fabiani says:

There is an effect of cannabis which helps the user focus, eliminate distraction, and the "depth" thus becomes more accessible.

Johnny Fishfingers says:

Carl Sagan would agree.

Full Onion says:

there are 9 sectors in Norse mythology.

Mikanojo says:

So you begin by theorizing a different form of matter that does not conform to the laws of physics… call it breakadalauzofisicksium … and then create a superhero from that matter who can then exit and enter other theoretical verses – calling them universes no longer applies – so verses, within the hypothetical multiverse.. and inflict them selves upon the lives of beings there to save the conjectural day again and again and again. People get paid to sit around and think about this.

King Lyulf says:

Wait if our universe started at one single point then and smaller than a atom wouldn't our universe already fuction at a quantum levels just not noticable to the observers of the universe? If the multiverse and what I believe that the tenth dimension is everything that can and will ever exists be in this one single point…..?

Can anyone help me with this?

itsdastuff says:

asgard, midgard, etc are each one of 9 worlds NOT 6.

jEEd Up says:

Actually the fact that we can even pour coffee into a cup is mind boggling when you think deeper into it. How do we live in a world that allows us to do this? We ignore many things in life and can take many things for granted because we think its normal. Of course you dont need drugs to make yourself ask profound questions on simple things like how pouring coffee works into a cup in our reality, but it definitely gives you a different perspective which is hard to explain unless you've smoked Marijuana. I feel like I'm focused so much when I'm high and ask myself questions I probably wouldn't ask when sober because of the experience I'm having under the influence. That's why I get upset when people tell me I'm stupid to say that Marijuana puts you in a different state of mind that might make you appreciate things about reality that you could have possibly ignored, not wondered about or not appreciate. Again I'm not arguing you can not think outside the box when sober, it's more like you can think differently based off the experience you're having off the drug which could lead to unique thoughts compared to being sober. I think it's an interesting topic to talk about and share especially if you've tried it yourself.

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