How To Get Apple Music for Free!

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In today’s video, Sky shows you how to get Apple Music (yes, the paid version), for free! Not only that, but it’s also without a Jailbreak or a Credit Card!

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AaronUrbano says:

Will it send any email saying that I bough a Apple Music renewal and that I charged it. Will it be for free

Chris Peters says:

You don't want to get this video to get to popular because they will patch it

Joseph Phelps Jr says:

I did all the steps and I still got charged for it…

Jonathan Dubur says:

after the 3 months trial expired? do i get unlimited free forever? or do i have to create new apple id and repeat the method?

kenneth110301 says:

After the 3 months,can we still use Apple Music if we don't do the process again?

Kurt Castillo says:

its not work for me

jack Slayer says:

Dude, when I confirmed for individual purchase, it is asking for CC info and security password, what should I do?

Neto Ferreira says:

What song did you use for this video ??

Matt Crowton says:

Can you do this again after its expired

Hidden detail says:

Why are you outside

jooshep1 says:

Just pay $10 no hassle

Rubeh Viizion says:

Or…pay the $10 a month…

Norman Dück says:

Like your
cool video please check out my new , Would be awesome 🙂
Greets, Norman

Debbie Ramos says:

You are awesome! I remember seeing this a while back and it just made sense to try and it worked !

James christian says:

Ours only cost 4.99$ up to 6.99$

Brandon Colon says:

my Apple Music expired yesterday so I just press on the $9.99 and then turn it off?

domofool100 says:

Do you get to keep your music that you downloaded on Apple Music after you do the hack after 3 months?

Brian Roylance says:

Wait, so if I follow the steps at the end of the month after the free trial it spent it doesn't ask for anything and resets the free trial?

KiraTheKiller 17 (Gaming Streaming Vlogs) says:

can I have a shout out

Ring2i says:

Worked, thanks!

WolfieC Peiper says:

Wont you have to pay to do it every three months? When the free trial is over, there won't be a free trial anymore. Please explain

Creepy Divergent says:

tbh they should just bring beats back

MrSebbaz says:

Hello! I love this info however I have a question. I noticed in one of your previous replied that you said you can renew it but with a different Apple ID. Is there any possible way that I can do that without creating a different Apple ID every time?

Juan o says:

whered you get your case at?

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