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Hey guys! I decided I’d do something a bit different for this video & share with you guys my life. Although every day is a bit different, this video shows you a glimpse of how I live 😀 If you couldn’t tell by watching the video, I am a graphic design student. It’s a rocky road, but I love what I do & I am very thankful 🙂 What are some of your passions in life?

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Kymeonline Dez says:

Graphic Designers today are praising Adobe. Because they don't have choice. hehehe Got to do what client wants.

Orphan of Kos says:

Few years from now, this video will inspire the movie: "Being Sarah Lee" , i hope to get some part as a figurant or somethin

Alfredo Jr., Vargas says:

Being a graphic designer sounds fun. I like to draw and design projects but I am not good using the computer. Would that effect the possibilities becoming a graphic designer?

Fenrir says:

funny i attend CSULB as well

Lowkey Jane says:

I like you Sarah.

jane lane says:

i enjoyed your video! very creative. where do you study?

MrYouBeReal says:

Question, what is the best monitor, or desktop and laptop for long hours of graphic design work?

Callum Laird says:

I really liked this! I think I may do something similar for my first creative media unit for my graphic design course at College!

coookiemonster27 says:

If i wanted to study multimedia and design would that be my major or would i major in design

Stormy Jackson says:

OMG do you go to CSULB?! I go there and it looks just like it!

Jermaine Haggerty says:

Awesome! What's the name of the song?

Anisa Anorve says:

I just found your channel and I love your videos! Your content is unique which I enjoy very much. I would love it if you'd support my channel as well (:


Anna bella says:

Can you please make more graphic design videos?

Mikołaj Trepka says:

I'm going to buy my 1st Mac ever. I'm graphic designer(PS,AI,iD) which should I choose and why Macbook Pro or Macbook Air and which edition ( 2013,2014,2015?) ?

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