Brutal Doom 20b – Detailed Destroyable Bodies and Gib Physics.

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This is one of the reasons v20b’s release have been taking too much time. The other reason is the enormous improvements at performance that I’m going to show on the next video. I still don’t have a solid prevision of v20b’s release date, so all I can do is ask you to wait.


kof ola says:

WTF? A game developer actualy delivering what he promised? How do I get back to the Earth?

ParsianTV says:

please make the bullets bounce/ricochet. Also increase the fire rate of the minigun (make it like a phalanx gun)

niga619 says:

so much meat some few bullets.
nice vid by the way did you improve the animations too cause they look really smooth than was before?

Doopcoop Whoop says:

Question what mods and HUDS do you use besides BD

Paul Metalhero says:

Much better than DOOM 4

Legion12Centurion says:

Oh I can imagine the outry had this been released like this back then XD

H4lf Lif3 (l3ft4d3ad3) says:

Will this work on old hardware?

I.Games says:

Nice physics, Nice details and nice gore! I can't wait for Brutal Doom v 20b!

I want to record a vídeo… :T

CallOfDuty CallofDuty says:

Imagine this type of gore in today's graphics.AO for sure.And then suck my dick HATRED although it's a great looking game.

rob hafmans says:

It is amazing, but i am waiting for the starter pack.
If brutal doom v20b is gonna take a long time, is there any chance you can release the starter pack earlier?

David Wolfe says:

Shit, I did this months ago.
Probably should have uploaded it.

ookiemand says:

One technical improvement comes to mind;
make the particle/meat lumps' hitbox a bit bigger.

Even in your video, using the rifle or minugun, it takes too much time to grind up the lumps because it demands too much precision.

ierofant1000 says:

come on now v21…

Naryan Robinson says:

Looks amazing, and I'm sure if you put it on Steam tens of thousands of people would happily pay you for your work, myself included.
There's a few things I wanted to mention though that I think could be made better:
1. The pinkies are too overpowered; you have to kill them twice, and their speed is insane, their run pattern is almost impossible to hit, and when they're invisible they're the biggest threat in the game.
2. The regular shotgun is worthless as soon as you have the double barrelled (super) shotgun.
The super shotgun can be fired twice as fast as you like, or you can kill half the demons in the game with two direct hits. Also you don't even have to look at the HUD or even think about reloading because it's automatic.
Could you do something to make the regular shotgun more relevant again? Buff it up in some way?
3. The melee system is also very cool, but also pretty irrelevant in the game. The only reason I would ever use it is to see it happening, otherwise there's no reason for it whatsoever. Could you implement some kind of rage meter that fills up as you get headshots or as you get hit yourself, then when you activate it it makes you much faster and the game in slow-motion, or something? Otherwise even with berserk you'd never bother getting close to an enemy and putting yourself at risk, especially when there's no reward for doing so.

007nikster2 says:

Soooo Brutal Hexen???

I still can't think of a cool name says:

If only we could do this with revs and mancubus instead of trying to hit a (very) specific spot on their bodies to get their weapons

Faizan Ali says:

I don't get it, they're sprites but they behave like 3D geometry. Amazing.

Totally Radical Dude says:

they need to officially release this as a stand alone on steam or something , perfect modernization of a classic

Clayton Hernandez says:

Hey mark, how did you get the music working like that? On mine it's a different soundtrack.. And also more or less what are your graphics settings at? Are you using the X/Y billboard or X billboard and what other settings are you using because I like that gritty look you got there in the game..

Omega Coolster says:

Now this is the Brutal Doom i know and love, keep up the good work, find me sadistic but i really couldn't enjoy both v19 and v20 without this feature, it really is mindless fun of doing a proper mess 😀

Take your time with this and take as long as you have to, because if every single corpse will have this feature, then im gonna cry tears of joy.

Twinkle the Marvel Horse says:

The only problem is that I'll waste all my ammo by playing with the corpses, hahahaha

Double303 says:

For blood can we get a "squeamish" option, cuz… my rig is crap and when there's a lot of blood around the frames juts DROP.

OldsXCool says:

Damn it! I've already moved on and accepted that endless gibs were not in the versions of Brutal Doom above 17 and just went to Project Brutality.

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