The Digestive System: CrashCourse Biology #28

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Hank takes us through the bowels of the human digestive system and explains why it’s all about surface area.

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Table of Contents
1) Surface Area to the Max! 3:21
2) Mouth to Esophagus 5:23
3) Stomach 6:38
4) Small Intestine 7:55
5) Large Intestine 9:44

Campbell Biology, 9th ed.

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CheesePlease8 says:

The way he said surface area at 9:02 was hilarious

Carlos Hernandez says:

How dare he, he left the pancreas out!!!

Graham Davis says:

We are not omnivorous due to the fact none of our digestive functions are intended to digest meat. And only herbivores have the saliva that breaks down carbohydrates and only herbivores have the jawline we do, our jaws are not Ment to rip apart raw meat. Go ahead try you cant

Delud says:

9:05 Great, now I feel all weird inside. ugh. Thanks a heap, Hank!

Rohan roney says:

was the best way to explain!


nice vid

Aryan Kabir says:

anyone else notice the sherlock violin track at the beginning and the end? x)

‫حُـسام الـصنهات‬‎ says:

stomach has ph of 2 not 1 my friend

Joycelyn Nelson says:

very good

Joana Arantes says:

this video helped me a lot thank you! i have a test tommorow on this

ChomiBr says:

I'm not sure but ,if anyone else wants to uncover online course anatomy and physiology try Wiltapar Anatomy Expert Secrets (do a google search ) ? Ive heard some interesting things about it and my partner got great success with it.

Kidace 808 says:

happy birthday

loveorama says:

Human are not omnivores. We are adapted fruitivores. Human are adapted fruitivores who developed tools to hunt and process animals and fire to cook flesh and hard to digest plants and plant byproducts. If we were omnivores like bears we would have claws and sharp teeth and different digestive systems to help us with the processing and killing. Human's are opportunistic eaters who developed tools and used fire to survive in geographical areas that didn't provide fruit. Early hunter gatherers ate a small portion of animal food, mainly eggs and small animals such as birds, lizards and insects. The consumption of mollusks most likely helped assist with brain development, but the idea that humans come from a species that ate meat is really off base. Unlike a cougar, we do not possess the speed, agility, teeth, claws and specialized digestive system to bring down large prey and consume it. Most likely, the consumption of mollusks and cooked plant foods helped with brain development, which led to the development of hunting tools, cooperative hunting techniques, the use of dogs and other methods which allowed us to kill, process and consume game. Just compare the jaws, claws and digestive systems of omnivores, carnivores, herbivores and fruitivores to see what I mean. We are evolved from chimps, and chimps primarily eat fruit. Opportunistic eaters would be more correct.

lame o says:

i like the videos with the animation alone than these?

Marissa Kinanti says:

this is really help me understand about digestive system in our body. Thanks a lot!!!

Tony Parker says:

Please tell me I don't have to memorize all those terms…

I do? Fuck

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