Resurrection Biology: How to Bring Animals Back From Extinction

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We’ve all seen the movies and heard the hype: But is it really possible to bring back animals that have gone extinct? If so, how? And how soon? And can I have a mammoth to ride around in my backyard? Hank explains the latest research into resurrection biology, and ponders questions that include not only “Can we?” and “How do we?” but also: “Should we?”

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KomodoRino Gamer says:

This video helped me in my studies

MsLia32 says:

Nice, now we can hunt animals to extinction without repercussions.

Not Number says:

Is there a term for whether or not an extinct species still has a surviving lineage? Like whether it went extinct from being wiped out, or if over time all of it's descendants evolved into a separate species. e.g. Dodos are extinct, no descendants. Tiktaaliks are extinct, lots of descendants.

Caroline Oglesby says:

Why was the goat cloning so difficult and unsuccessful? Are most animals cloned like that deformed?

Kai Plews says:

Giant sloths?….. giant sloths

Dylan Kim says:

I'd get a mammoth and teach it to be my pet

Drew Cody says:

Dont be so sure. Some dinosaurs lived in cold climate, they are not giant modern reptiles but their own thing and yes, they did live in cold climates. If you find one with bodyparts frozen and preserved you could clone one

The orange hero says:

I want a pet mammoth! I'd name it Mr. Tibs!

burt591 says:

Another interesting question is: Can we create new species? That would be cool, we could choose how we want them to be

Dávid Kertész says:

Oh, I know the species we should bring back: silphium ! You know, the contraceptive plant that went extinct because of overharvesting.

deadly blake says:

Bis especially would love Giant ground sloth!

Ansonidak says:

Even a few specimens of extinct species would be cool and educational. It would make people feel better about being a human, even if it's just a gesture. And who knows what applications may come from the knowledge gained by the research.

beaconrider says:

It has been so long since I had a haunch of giant red deer.  I sure would like to have some again.

jayrod jones says:

would a 3-D printer be able to print out the genome sequence for the velociraptor? haha

Prehistoric Gamer says:

waits for the christians saying "OM(with held cause balshphemy) Jesus Did not intend for creatures to be resurrec!!"

alan guttenfelder says:

Just just skip this video and research Harald Kautz-Vella, if you want to know the TRUE PURPOSE of chemtrails/ """geo-engeneering"""…..hurry please!

UnicornDani8|Animals & more!| says:

My teacher said we wouldn't survive if dinosaurs were brought back. I went home and told my dad that and he was like, "No. Because we have guns. Big guns." lel

Junco Partner says:

Genetic variation? Noah anyone? I'll bet that family was a bunch of freaks!

Raymond K Petry says:

What'll we call donkey-embryo stuffed with mammoth-DNA: a 'donkmoth' or donkey-kiev?
Y'all heard of "The Era Of Wickedness, reborn" (Legislators do it, Why can't doctors do it?)
How-about freeze-dried, DNA: how long does that, last—like on Mars… But 6.8 Myr 'hmm'.

DowningJ82 says:

Should we use this to stop the bees from dying out?

Harry ferries says:

We should bring back mammoths because we killed them off in the first place

SamPlaysGames says:


Patrick Ramsey says:

The passenger pigeon, the Carolina parakeet, the white fin dolphin (or baiji), would all be great candidates to start with.

Swagger Jacker says:

Watching this made me wonder what mammoths taste like…

Gentry Geissler says:

Would you say egg extraction from an elephant an ELEPHANTINE task? Hmm?

MGS Lurmey says:

I would just say we need to bring back the recently extinct, and maybe saber-toothed tigers… I call dibs on a pet saber called Diego!

Fish Ed says:

Fuck that, bring back the deinotherium! Those shit is whack.

Cam Jones (DigitalCircus) says:

Listening to this guy makes me feel like I'm listening to a professor version of Captain Sparkelz.

Cade Amstutz says:

personally if they naturaly driven to exstinction then that is whats for the best they were either physically or mentally unable to adapt to life getting smarter like dodos they couldnt adapt fast enough to survive so they should not be revived by man if nature desides to bring them back by having dodo related birds breed till we get the dodo again then they should be able to live but if a animal could adapt but man killed them off too quickly like most tigars or intelligent species we killed off that could have been alive today then yes we should try to revive the species from the dead but really it comes down to is it morally right for us to bring back species that havent been around for hundres to thousnds of years or less then 6.5 million years even species that havnt been alive for a few decades will have a hard time surviving because of how rapidly humans grow and adapt there habitat would most lickley be taken by people and they wouldnt know what to do at that point if they adapt then yes we should but if we bring them back and they bie because they were unavle to adapt then they need to stay dead we will ever only know when we try it and exsperiment

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