DNA Structure and Replication: Crash Course Biology #10

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Hank introduces us to that wondrous molecule deoxyribonucleic acid – also known as DNA – and explains how it replicates itself in our cells.

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References for this episode can be found in the Google document here: http://dft.ba/-2hCl

1:41 link to Biological Molecules http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H8WJ2KENlK0

Table of Contents:
1) Nucleic Acids 1:30
2) DNA
-A) Polymers 1:53
-B) Three Ingredients 2:12
-C) Base Pairs 3:45
-D) Base Sequences 4:13
3) Pop Quiz 5:07
4) RNA 5:36
-A) Three Differences from DNA 5:43
5) Biolography 6:16
6) Replication 8:49
-A) Helicase and Unzipping 9:22
-B) Leading Strand 9:38
-C) DNA Polymerase 10:08
-D) RNA Primase 10:24
-E) Lagging Strand 10:46
-F) Okazaki Fragments 11:07
-F) DNA Ligase 11:47

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dkcholo's gaming channel says:

And it's finals week so I'm watching ALL OF THESE

Kulay Janneh says:

im sorry but this video is funny

Jesse Clark says:

The guy who covered this in class went through 47 slides in (I kid you not) 20 minutes. I learned more in the first minute and a half of this than I did for the entire lecture.

Lofinearie says:

I am pretty sure that science is my worst subject. The things I've picked up over the years allow me to feel confident in the History department, though no where near good at it. I have no fear with my writing at all, and math is pretty self-explanatory for me. But science seems to ask for a certain dedication to be able to remember/learn how everything works, well that or just repeatedly watching the video until it sticks, which is what I have to go for. Another slight hold up with my learning of the science is that I am desperately trying to make homeschool work. I have always been fed up with the school system, too much to put into words at the moment, but I feel like I should be able to survive through the homeschool requirements. I have taken both a math and a history online test and passed each of them. But when I looked up some science questions, and it said things like "eukaryotic", "enzyme", etc. I flipped and had an anxiety attack due to the massive cloud in my brain that blocked any memories I ever had of those words. I know these have to be basic terms, and the fact that I don't know them is so sad, which is why I need to try and watch these videos like they're candy.     I do not know why I decided to write this, I just felt like I needed to let out some feelings that have been produced due to stress and lack of confidence. Okay. I think I am good now.

M M says:

This was very helpful, of course it was already in my textbook! Hank helped a lot

Caroline Sorenson says:

This is how I'm studying for finals…..

Rodrigo M. Alonso says:

3:13, you indicate a 3 prime where it is actually a 5 prime. The 3rd carbon connects with the phosphate below. It's 5 -3 as the OH group at the end is on the 3rd carbon. The same goes for the corresponding strand.

Hunter Graves says:

that was a dirty joke

fishy encounters says:

what does the 5 to 3 mean why does it matter

Feras Sh says:

Lol….goood job

Feras Sh says:

Lol….goood job

Jeffrey Appleberg says:

this guy talks to fast

Liam Callahan says:

Helicase? yeah got that one done.

Sandra Ogunleye says:

I learned and I laughed the best two combinations 🙂 Thank you

Atef Halawi says:

This guy saves lives.

Cesar Tzic says:

did anybody else notice how yellow his teeth were when it zoomed to his smile in the first minute.

Catherine Hogue says:

Great series of courses, one weakness is the visuals…. i've seen electronic microscopes recorded DNA cells replication in color on youtube!!! animations just doesn't do it anymore. sorry

Berkeclor92 says:

Too much of this guy, less of him more animation. This becomes a boring lecture

Camila Rojas says:

Yeah I wanna make one

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