Biological Molecules – You Are What You Eat: Crash Course Biology #3

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Hank talks about the molecules that make up every living thing – carbohydrates, lipids, and proteins – and how we find them in our environment and in the food that we eat.

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Tabnam says:

Anyone who doesn't even have biology in school, but is watching just out of curiosity? No? Only me?

NinjaDragon429 says:

Hi can you do a Crash Course on Dairy

That Ozian says:

Every apple juice you will drink is piss

Carson Archer says:

This guy is practically my biology teacher

Saoirse McNally says:

This guy is a hero. Thank you Jesus.

sofiaaleem says:

This is the best thing ever. Thank the lord for you, just hoping I pass my bio midterm -.-

Melissa Morales says:

Finals tomorrow

Kathleen Cempa says:

"I'm gonna eat the hell out of it" -Hank Green

Bella Bryson says:

I actually own that apron

TheRuntWolf says:

Let's hope Hank can help me not fail my bio finals. Please. Please God.

Shivangi Singh says:

My bio teacher is well-known for not paying attention to any of her classes except chemistry, and then at the end of the year, giving out candy to all of her other classes and apologizing for being a shitty teacher. Of course, that does nothing to raise my grade in her class. But these videos do. Thanks so much y'all for helping me understand this flipping course.

David Hammer says:

Gee, that Apple Juice looked tasty.

Blighted Desert says:

hm read Nina teicholz the big fat lie … then decide if bread is necessary and not just useless carb

skyrim master says:

dix neuf

skyrim master says:

wazap im at skuul;

yousef TheHunter says:

these kind of lessons that i am studding is very helpful to me iam getting more smarter
thank you alot
i all ways get ready to my test to be started you guys are very helpful q

bilal samama says:

i may just pass my a level exams

Jacob Caron says:

I'm liking this series more and more with each video I watch.

stellarfirefly says:

I'm kinda missing these older-style Crash Courses. While I do understand and appreciate the advantages of the more scripted, focused, and professional format these days (end of 2015), the less formal manner of these older videos does have a kind of warmth and a friendly charm, while still being highly informative, well-researched, and reasonably short.

ahhh says:

i like eating grass

May Murray says:

These are extremely helpful toward the grade of my midterms, thank you Hank

sasmit koirala says:

Where were you in 2005?

Justin Gabriel says:

Next time could you put an epilepsy warnilwbkkaviwkcjn

Louise Bee says:

Unlike apparently a lot of people in the comments, I am not watching this for school- just for my own education. I love how Crash Course mixes education with comedy. Thank you very much for this video and. of course, every other video made. You are all awesome and helping people become just that little more knowledgeable. PS. "All for me" had me laughing for a worryingly long time hehe

Andrew Knight says:

an evening at kfc…

CommandoLando104 says:

Thanks alot guys!

Yunona Chiruno says:

ты хуй

Joseph Kamt says:

Teach us how to make "Blue Sky", from Breaking Bad!!! XD

Eagle 4 says:

What are the books that Hank is reading in the Bio-lography. They seem interesting.

Dougie Boxell says:

really? come on mate, egg and peanut butter can't be that bad
i would argue that the peanut butter would be very bad for health. and not just cause of the sugar.

can you do a video on trans fats? everyone knows that they're bad, but i have no idea why, especially given that after looking into fats, saturated fats are not the devil everyone makes them out to be.
i am yet to find any decent, in-depth content on trans fats.

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