Photoshop Tutorial | Graphic Design Minimalist

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In this tutorial we will learn to create a minimalist graphic design having flat long shadow effect using Photoshop CC version




Download at


Shital More says:

Thank You !!! ***

Samantha Richeson says:

Sometimes a good tutorial is all you need! Thanks for the help with photoshop!

Apoorv Singh says:

please tell Me Photoshop version ur using and cost too… and your computer's name

Apoorv Singh says:

bhai i want to take photoshop classess from u do u pls learn me … i m from delhi pls

Mustafa Pedawi says:

Excellent very thank you

kristian Dimitrov says:

Blullshit, nice english dude… i cant even watch you tuts….. learn how to pronounce L

Hari Veeraboyina says:

I like the way you are explaining to us thanks so much. Please can you explain me how to make that shadow effect or is there any way to create our self

Maria S says:

awesome! thanks a lot!

Baconator Rock says:

Subscribe for you bro

Periclesd says:

I don't understand what this guy say…

Steffan Lucas says:

You fucking made me hate photoshop. Know what youre doing before you make a tutorial. You dont explain shit and keep telling the viewers to go back after you fuck up.

Bill Porter says:

Great tutorial. Nice aesthetic to your work.
About halfway through I realized that your mouse clicks sound like your trimming your toenails:) It was a challenge not to giggle a little.

shiva deva says:

nice work arun keep go

The English Student says:

This is so easy:)

Gamers Brotherhood says:

Nice video bro , you are inspiring me Lol

Neil Mark Beltran says:

Where did you get the icon designs? Or did you make them? Those black ones. Thanks 

Michael Szilagyi says:

Where did you download the black symbols from?

Nataly Ivanova says:

auto select/layer
althought, i think, u already know it)
and really – nothing about shadows.

Asmaa Ulfi says:

whats the music you used at the beginning?

Tanguy Souchet (tanguy79) says:

Can someone tell me what accent is ?

Oleg Teplyakov says:

You ve got such a good sense of styles and colours.

sara meachel says:

this was really cool !

fabianditz says:

realy good tutorial… thank's

Yogendra Singh says:

Please can you tell me the name of the font used … its a request please….
and are you a Indian ????

Morellory's World says:

Where did you find the png icons?

lalit karel says:

excellent but how can we make the shadow…?
if you can tell it would be very helpful….

Paul Danielle Concepcion says:

what with the shadow? how  did u get the shadow? you download it or what?

Ravichandra Biradara says:

Nice tutorial i like it.. 

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