Parents Against Vaccines (Reasons For Vaccination)

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Some parents feel it is best not to protect your child from some pretty awful medical conditions such as mumps, measles and a number of other problems because of what they feel the vaccines do.

Many people say the vaccines are worse than the conditions they’re protecting you from themselves. I’m not saying they’re always wrong, but most of the time? Absolutely.

The reason these vaccines exist can be found by simply googling our history with diseases and what happened once vaccines were introduced. the answer is: dramatic reduction in outbreaks… so? You think the vaccination arguments would end there… unfortunately not.

Some people are set on their ways, like so many other beliefs and opinions many people have, the find themselves driven to a point beyond reason. In this case? Their beliefs are threatening the lives of their own children and the children of others for what? A few shots that rarely if ever leave scars or damage the child beyond a days worth of healing? Come on.

You say these vaccines can cause autism, even if you were right, what’s worse? Risking autism in your own child? Or risking the death of your child and other children around your child?

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unturned gaming says:

Lol the only other way to get immune is to get the virus and live

Kira Little-Fetzer says:

I know someone who was killed from vaccines :/ she was only 6, its not the vaccines necessarily but the doctors and amounts that peopl should protest

Tlg Tag says:

Lame vid dude… Your arguments suck… We're still waiting for those true placebo double blind studies of the vaccinated vs unvaxed over a lifetime. Let's compare chronic disease rates in the vaccinated vs unvaxed. We have the sickest generation of kids today and one of the worst infant mortality rates of developed countries and we give the most vaccines. The USA sucks at keeping kids healthy, rather it succeeds at making them sick for life requiring big pharma drugs forever. Vaccination is a criminal program… It needs to end. sincerely, a vax free family and healthy as can be:)))!!!

Maddy O'Shea says:

It seems like some people don't understand that the only reason that they were able to get away with not vaccinating their child or being vaccinated themselves is because the very large majority of people they come into contact with are already vaccinated. It's not because your boy wonder or your immune system has evolved to be millions of times better than others and unfaultable it's literally because no else is spreading the disease because they have been vaccinated

Victoria Turner says:

In my school, you can be expelled if you're not vaccinated.

Morgan Gross says:

Anti-vaxers make me hope their children get these diseases.

KrissiUltra says:

Of course the virus in vaccines are also disabled

dAedAliAnMiNd says:

Oh, how I love natural selection…

Derpina Herpencia says:

Emo alternatives:Get shots with very thick needles.

Ciara Schingen-Robins says:

I didn't get any vaccines and have never had any of the aforementioned diseases, but my friends, who did have vaccines, have been Il
way more times than I.

Dilara.B60 says:

good gob bozo plz dont eat my dick :I XD

Leah Bugg says:

Well it's a great thing that vaccines have the virus in them. Once you have a certain STRAIN of a virus you can never get it again. But viruses can mutate in as fast as one day. So the vaccine that's why you should vaccinate and get a flu shot every year. You will get sick from is 60% of the time but it could save your life from getting the full virus. Your welcome

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