Jacob gets 6 vaccination shots at once! Ouch!!

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My two year old son gets six booster shots at the same time! Poor lil’ feller.


brielle booth says:

why everybody hating on these parents. people are saying its not "natural" and stuff. so if one day you get cut by a rusty can and die its your fault but you know dang well you got the same shots when you were little you probably don't remember.

Jilly swag says:

I feel so bad

viktor Turalyon says:

Good job juicing up your kid with death

Janiewhisperer Almand says:

Ohh now this poor fella had a good reason to cry!

Karrarshabba Karrarshabba500 says:

خطيه والله

Owen Kidd says:

That was 3 not 6. Try to count

Maud Kennedy says:

That's just sadism to make a 2 yo go through this. 6 shots at the same time! Shitty parents!

Angela Greene says:

I really feel bad for this kid so sad hope his legs are not to sore aw!

‫ا للشمري‬‎ says:

Thanks for your business and leisure facilities and activities

amelia chung says:

soo poor

Bluu Bandette says:

Should get this one a huge icecream sundae for six shots!

Catherine Stanley says:

Why is a kid getting 6 vaccines at once? A bit much isn't it? When I was younger my doctor refused to do more than 3 in an appointment. Why didn't they space them out more.

rocio says:

At the same time? Wtf ???

Rebecca Hernandez says:

poor baby

lilian rose says:

I only got one thing to say about this video does he still hold a grudge over his mom if this happened to me moms going missing

Emiliano Zapata says:

awwwww brave little boy

Kijohn Smith says:


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