How I Got Accepted To Graphic Design School | Katrin Berndt

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Enjoy going through my deepest darkest secrets…

Shirt from Monki (2013)
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IllegalAlien51 says:

What have you majored in after you dropped out of graphic design?

Simon Nilsson says:

ah drop dead ^^

John Lee says:

Is it true that people cannot apply to graphic school without portfolio during high school?

John Lee says:

Is it true that people cannot apply to graphic school without portfolio during high school?

bibas omar says:

my Q is : for somebody with no school degree , can you get into school with an interesting portfolio ?

Georgina Higgins says:

lol the sex shop part was hilarious. I think you work was pretty good, u are great at illustration cough I'm not that good at it but I could be if i had more time to perfect it. I'm currently a Graphics Design Student going into my last semester. In my humble opinion I think you should have stuck it out and You can totally get a job in Illustration or something to do with that. I loved the Owl its friggin awesome!!

Sarah-Jane IP KWONG says:

How did you get a job? Creating a portfolio? Can i have more tips please!

sahra ebohon says:

I want to get a masters in graphics to become a art director

Ristina Troshkina says:

I like you !!

Anthony Brown says:

When she slows down… RUN

Mariam Okitashvili says:

Shavi means black in Georgian ^^

Aakash shah says:

Hey can u tell me that in which software you made this pictures/designes?

Elias Norrman says:

Im a 14 y/o boy from Sweden! 😀 i wanna be a graphic designer 🙂 This inspierd me alot but i kinda dont know how to like practice or something for the future

joreellex says:

Mr Jbrous has very important point there. Graphic design basically is putting images, texts and effects together for publishing, printing, fashion, editorial, photographic and package design as well. Also, it is not easy to standout from the crowd ( COMPETITION! ) everyday there is a new person becoming a graphic designer even if that person doesnt even have the real skills. I have encountered people who went to school thinking that they will become rich by becoming a graphic designer hahaha. The reality is the competition is brutal out there! I really admire and follow those who really are talented and skillful. I also admire ORIGINALITY not copying or applying the same methods and process cus im one of those who creates his own stuff. But JBrous is totally right about the salaries and companies+degrees. It is confusing the most of the times. People wont even bother about ur education background but once they see ur skills, u r theirs hahahah but others will see more ur education

Ailsa R says:

I freaked out a little with tony perry drawing XD

LO VE says:

i don't get the appeal of graphic design. and how people came to know about it

Maria K.Q. says:

Huh. Now I'm not too worried about not being accepted.

Cupcake says:

I have a really important question I wanna ask… Anyone can answer. So. I'm 15 right now. I have stretched ears (14g right now. I think I wanna stop at 12g. Yes. I'm doing it very safely.) and I want to get a nose stud piercing for my 16th birthday and maybe a belly button piercing later on. My family worries that I won't be able to get a job if I have all of that… I really wasn't planning on going beyond that. I don't even want tattoos. If Katrin can answer this even if the video is kinda old, I wanted to know if you have trouble getting a job because of your ears, piercings, and tattoos. Everyone else, what do you think?

Reality Mix says:

Work looks great! For some they can do short Graphic Design courses and easily become a Graphic Designer, on the other hand it is good to have a Degree in the field, as it is very competitive out there for Designers. Therefore, the more requirements you meet for the job role (your qualifications and experience)… means more chance of getting the job. Experience is one of the most important thing… Good luck to those going into this field…

Aku Jo says:

That makes me less intimidated by portfolios. But i'd still rather take an exam.

Black Rose says:

My dream job has always been Graphics Designer.
Planning my future, even though it'll take a lot of hard work to get into the school for it, and get degrees, will hopefully be worth it. I love designing.

Shang Kevin says:

My life goal is to be an automotive designer. However I would rather die than live a normal life and earn a average income. I want to be in the top 2% in the world. To earn this I need to be the best at it. Recently I was losing faith and lost hope I wanted to be an entrepreneur a doctor or any job that earned me loads. But after watching this video I think I should stick to my dreams. Thank you so much :)

teltri says:

Isn´t your wristwatch too heavy?

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