Graphic design tutorial for beginners | How to learn Graphic design

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Graphic design tutorial for beginners, are you tired in learning Photoshop tricks without understanding how to apply the software to real design? Or maybe you just want to understand what really is design and how can you become a real designer? Design goes way beyond software and there is a lot of theory behind it. In this lesson, you’ll learn the basics needed to create amazing and real design.

In this lesson, you won’t need any sort of equipment or specific software. “Why? Isn’t design just Photoshop?”. By understanding the process behind what real designers do and understand, you will also be able to see what makes good design. Why is that logo appealing? Why does that poster grab my attention? How is it that I can understand that ad, even though nothing is written on it? After participating in this lesson, you’ll finally understand more of design and gain the ability to see the world in a different way.



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Jaclynn Wright says:

I recently got a desk job with a requirement for basic graphic design. I am not and have never been trained as a graphic designer. Your course is helping me understand my job better.

on3trackmind: the collective says:

great vid


video gulo onek sundor abong helpfull.

Nancy Carandang says:

Thank you for the knowledge :)

Nancy Carandang says:

Thank you for the knowledge :)

amol sawant says:

this is what i am searching clear my all doubt… :)

Gopal parmar says:

thank you so much for making this true valuable video for beginner learners .
well explained and demonstrated.

Morgan Ojurongbe says:

I have been a self-thought designer for 7years and I have never found an analogy, succinct yet intuitive. Thanks for contributing.

shinichi gomez says:

Thanks men its help a lot

Aaron Wright says:

This is awesome! As a programmer, this is the first design course that has made things click for me. Framing design as a process made of basic components is just like programming. In programming you have variables, then methods, objects, etc., and they all come together to create a program that solves a problem. Likewise, in design, you have basic lines, colors, etc. that all come together to accomplish one goal. Referring to the design process as a "visual solution" is like an "aha!" moment for me, because I now realize how similar graphic design is to programming.

Thanks for making this!

jacky dada says:

its helpful me

benjamin trujillo says:

Thanks man you helped me so much! And keep up the good videos man cx

Francis Boko 'Freezy' says:

i love this

Icy Tutorials says:

Great Video! you have definitely just earned a sub! I just started my new channel, it will be filled with graphic design tutorials as well as programming, coding and tech tutorials. please subscribe so i can have some support and get started! thanks :)

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