Bill Maher gets schooled on vaccines by Bill Frist

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This was on “Real Time with Bill Maher”, 9 October 2009. Maher, who “does not believe” in vaccines, gets a lesson in medicine from former Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist, a heart surgeon. Get the whole show here:


Madam Smellypits says:

I was not expecting the conversation to go the way it did. I thought Maher was establishment all the way.

abe perdomo says:

if you believe in scientist your a weak minded human…i only listing to
doctors not scientist

Resty Baluyot says:

A virus may mutate to a different strain of the virus. However, its general composition will be similar to the original virus. Altho they are slightly different, they still have similarities that our immune system could have some effect on them such that the virus effect is mitigated.

Kenneth Hennig says:

How does this guy have a national platform?

Ollie Barbor says:

Measles killed 0 people in the USA since 2010.
Measles vaccine killed close to 200 people in the USA since 2010.
Don't vaccinate for no reason just because someone tells you too. Research and make the decision for yourself.

steverw86 says:

Maher sounds like a fucking idiot. Also quite rude. Loves the sound of his own voice.

tatiana matysuk says:

what's the difference between bill Maher & rush limbaugh?

Ramon Ching says:

I see a lot of comments here. But did everybody learned anything from the guest? It seems like the host just keep on interrupting. No point ever get spoken. This is more like a 7 minute entertainment.This is just showbiz. And yet there are applause.

Olivier Labelle says:

Bill Maher does not believe in science. Bill Maher does not believe in religion. Bill Maher only believes his own stupid opinions.

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