Bash Programming 4 — How Bash Scripts Work

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An introduction to the “shebang” line, exit codes, and different ways of running bash scripts. You need to know this before starting to write bash scripts!


Matt b says:

Dave, awesome video here, really accessible. Any chance on a follow up/continuation of this series in the near future?

Dawid Cz says:

Your vids are pure gold especially these series, please continue.

linuxmq says:

Sorry ignore my question. Just watching a few seconds more gave me the answer. It is at the kernel level as you said. I never knew that before!

linuxmq says:

Very nice videos.
Something that I never understood. Why "#!/bin/bash" is so important in the first line of a script if the "#" starts a "comment line" that is "ignored"?
What is the process behind the scripting language that requires that specific line? I would understand if there wasn't any "#" first.

Ionut Chitcarof says:

hi, Dave,
what is the certification we need to be able to get the knowledge and apply for a linux admin job?
i mean what certification do employers want candidates to have for a linux admin job?
thank you

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