We Are Now Seeing Cracks In The Economy Which Will Lead To A Collapse Of The System – Episode 842a

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Report date: 12.14.2015

UN reports that youth unemployment is sky rocketing and will be a problem for the next generation. Toshiba and Dupont are cutting thousands of jobs.Junk Bond contagion is spreading and will bring down the stock market and economy. Janet Yellen reports that the junk bond problem is contained. Fitch has put out a warning the US defaults are ready to surge. This week the FED makes its decision to keep interest rates at zero or go negative or increase rates to bring on the collapse. China is opening a clearing house in Russia.

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bitbucketcynic says:

Whenever central bankers say something is "contained," that's your clue to dump it and run for the nearest exit.

CHeEEEeeeEEe says:

Invested in Pokemon cards and never looked back since

joe king says:

ooh and i keep my rv on the side of the house, and just have to hook it up to the truck and get the f……. out of town, syracuse,ny gijoe 454 perpper off the gtid dude

joe king says:

hey whats up dudes just finish my bug out rv this rv is loaded and hads avery thing i would need in a shft food and water tools and quipment ex wheels for maybe three years…… and lots of stronger on top of rv and add lots of things , you all should do this lots of deep cly batters ammo and on and on and don't for get your perp for your dog, his family, lots of dry food ……… for a year…… i love living off the grid hahah govtment losers haha ooh i do have solar planns on top of rv very cheep to do…… did this in a week i will be geting clean drinking water of the rv top that go's in a gutter and build a lite wight frame with a tar and act like a roof and g's in to the water tanks work great, lots of water for shower, add a 12 gallon water tank, and use a 50 pis 12 voit pumb , it's like showing at home

新年号角 says:

sigh, l don't even have enough for myself…

Nakasasama says:

I happen to be a business student, I am just finishing up my MBA and I can tell you this much. I came across a tid bit there is over 60 trillion in derivatives looming out there and have been for quiet some time. Here is the article I got that tidbit from: Vasudev, P. M. (2010) Default Swaps and Director Oversight: Lessons from AIG. Journal of Corporation Law, 35(4), 757-797.

These are something that should never have been used

Gail Wilson says:

feds will not raise rates

Gail Wilson says:

It is going to be ok.

Gail Wilson says:

It is going to be ok.

ChiefStandStill803 says:

the daughter of Babylon is falling !!!! ….. Jerusalem, Israel, your children will be returning to our home, very soon. YHWH (phonetically pronounced as Yahh) Bless!!!

Steven Marc says:

 Here in America There has never been a mass shooter who was on the terrorist watch list, so this proposal will not increase security. However, it will decrease liberty.

David Glenn says:

hi just want to let you and your viewers know in my city every restaurant is full and every store is also and the stock market is up and down like always so I don't understand or just don't get it when you say look out

Texas Shrugged Book says:

Dave, funny the way you put that prep advice… "the people that felt they had more time…" You imply those are the people that knew it was coming but felt they had time…. 95% of people think NOTHING is coming, EVER.

Poo Dad says:

Dave. You think the rate change and the Freddie Gray officer verdicts are strategic?

Michael Wells says:

Your story changes with their policies. Stop making predictions. You are always going to be wrong. Gold and silver are getting destroyed. And if things did fall apart, I wouldn't be buying gold and silver to put on my belly. You are always forgetting the fundamental picture. All these "developing nations" lack the credibility and trust which the US has created. They will not be able to hold a world reserve currency position as their policies have proven that they are more than willing to manipulate and steal from investors. They lack the key ingredient. It's called a system built from a foundation of Christian principles and values. The US will always win because of this very detail.

Tetra H. Flowers says:

Bug Out Bag?

Jezus H. Christ says:

The end is near…

mbadshah0077 says:

Nothing wrong in preparing, i think we have about 5 years left

Fenrir35 says:

Interest rate hike is just another false flag event done by the evil space Jews. They did the same thing to Rome in 410. The .01% owns this system and they have to tank this system so they can rule us in the next system. and if that doesn't make sense to you then you are one of them.

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