Teen found guilty of first-degree murder of math teacher

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Philip Chism has been found guilty of first-degree murder in the 2013 killing of his high school math teacher, Colleen Ritzer.


Trevwahh says:

Good, I met this kid 4 years ago… I can't believe I called him a friend

I used to be liberal I`m sorry says:

He raped her in the bathroom,slit her throat then dumped her body in the wood.He deserve all the cocks he will get in jail.

Fridaye1056 mon says:

Looks like a psychopath.

Brutus Augustus says:

solitary confinement…throw away the key…enjoy hell

Georgio Cheung says:

Release him to the general population in prison. They will rape and beat his ass everyday.

General Hades says:

So how can a child make an adult decision ? So you are saying children are Equal to adults as the constitution does . So this has to apply to sexual laws as well …As all are equal or not …Murder yes fucking no hahahaahaa
Legal precedent is set with every young person tried as an adult ! Either they are or are not ? Its not up to your whim unless your dictators hell bent on power hungry oppression worst then our British oppressors of old by far !
 America the Great Whore of Babylon …
you admit they are capable of being adults and making adult decisions but only when you say ? baloney

Carl that I AM says:

My math teacher tells me that math is a acronym for….Madness Atacking The Head.

DEATHCLUTCH Gaming says:

Jesus fucking Christ here comes the al sharpton dick riders and the "black lives matter" drama smh

annajeehee says:

Why did he murder her

kamal toufik kamatcho says:

he looks like obama from this profile angle

RussiaNukesAmerica3 says:

U people r insane, just because 1of his parents is ' black '; that guy is a race-mixed mongrel, a mutt, a bastard, his genetics polluted by the ' white ' man's seed.

Come into the void says:

i feel sorry for him

Steve Bob says:

high school? why?

Steadno says:

pineapple time harvey

Steadno says:

pineapple time harvey

Hugo Costa says:

What happens now,life or death?

MalcolmRandall says:

Oh well. No Star Wars Episode VII for him!

fnovax says:

get ready…black people are gonna go ape-shit over this criminal

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