Talking Shop w/ Bernie Sanders 3/6: Rigged Economy

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Part 3/6: On November 23rd, 2015, Killer Mike sat down with Senator Bernie Sanders at The SWAG Shop in Atlanta, GA to discuss topics ranging from gun control to democratic socialism. Please share this hour-long conversation and let us know what you think in the comment section below.

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axollot says:

@KillerMike Gotta tell you 1) great job and 2) I too was raised by older folks. 3 generations under the same roof all women! Learned at the knee of my grandmother [b 1912] about FDR about the growth of the middle class and then came Reagan and she damn near broke the TV every time he came on. I'm 44 so we're close in age. Grew up different but grew up with the same issues close to our heart.

thrillpillz says:

Even though i'm not from the US, i really hope this man gets the chance he absolutely deserves to implement the changes he's been talking about. It's the first time i hear a politician speak and can honestly say that i agree 100 %. Elect bernie and hopefully other countries will follow.

Hannah banana bread says:

This is amazing.

Ethieria Fey says:


chickendinner2012 says:

Register to vote and tell everyone you know about Bernie and get them registered to vote
Together we will win this election!

Curtis Doyle says:

This is a phenomenal series – Mike asks questions that put most journalists to shame. He really has his finger on the pulse – this is what political discourse should be. This is inspiring.

Michael Rhoads says:

How in god's name does this guy's message not ring out the way Trump's crap does? Seriously. I'm asking.

Batpod05 says:

@Deon Lawrence

America is the most unequal country in the world when it comes to wealth

Ceo pay has gone up 200x while average worker wages have stagnated over the past 30 years

And ur telling these uber rich people not to help out in the economy? Even when its tough for someone to find work?


Rusli Rinchen says:

Share the videos! Tell everyone you know about Bernie Sanders's fight for the working class and keeping America safe by planning to make Islamic states fight for ISIS.

Deon Lawrence says:

You can't take money  that someone earned and give it to people who don't want to accomplish anything. you can't just tax everyone to take care of bums. People need to get off their ass and go out here and work like those people who are self made millionaires and billionaires.Democrats are so busy trying please people they forget how the world works. We are one more bad presidency from being in a welfares state, where no one earns anything and everyone depends on the government for hand outs. Take personal responsibility.

Rine Hughes says:

Killer Mike for president

Kerensa Crump says:

To come together, we need to be educated on the decaying economic and political system we're all up against. We will defeat the egotist, racist, sexist, Islamaphobic infighting of the have-somes versus the have-lesses. Bernie can bring us together as Dr. King did!! Volunteer to help Bernie Sanders at

adam says:

This has been a wonderful use of my time! Share with EVERYONE!!!!!!!!

JoshyBlackman says:

This is some bomb shit!

Dann Marceau says:

He's real, both of them, Killer Mike needs a cabinet position.

Copulaxoxi Ranbooi says:

This might be one of the best things I've ever watched.

Ninjadude973 says:

So enlightening

chickytle says:

I am learning so much about history right now from this conversation that it is blowing my mind.

Deyshang Marti says:

Bernei fist pumped him like "My dude!"
gotta love this guy he is amazing

alex mandella says:


TheOkaynam says:

WOW! Amazing information to have. Thank you sir.

David Petersen says:

that's a rap

Adam See says:

Best shit on Youtube.

simongta says:

i needed this

rudeskin84 says:

right fucking on

Always Skeptical says:

Oh my god Bernie said "bomb shit" XD

Robert Grey says:

Register to vote in the primaries folks. To find out how go-to

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