MATH IS HARD! – Presented with Comment #11 – Week of December 4th

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Competitors Geoff, Matt, Jack, Gavin, and Michael return to compete on the floor of comments once again. When will someone be the winner, and when will Jeremy remember how to count?
The videos included in today’s episode are:
(Link to the image they see):
Fallout 4 and Assassin’s Creed Syndicate! – Fails of the Weak #271
Things to do in Just Cause 3 – Helium Heads
How to Edit a Let’s Play – AH Behind the Scenes
AH-dventures in New York City
Five Facts – Star Wars Battlefront
Old Man Ryan – AHWU for December 7th, 2015 (#294)
Hunter Hunter – GO! #98
Things to do in Fallout 4 – Ghoul Power Armor
Let’s Play Minecraft – Episode 184 – Hit List X Part 3
Let’s Play – Far Cry Primal
Let’s Play – GTA V – Offense Defense 2
Let’s Play – Star Trek Part 5
Let’s Play – Family Feud Part 4
Let’s Play – Uncharted 4 Multiplayer Beta
Let’s Play Minecraft – Episode 185 – Fishing Rodeo And Jamboree IV

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FlipJesterBoy says:

Does anyone else feel like the sound is off from the actual video?

Doctor Canon says:

Gavin hasn't said anything this whole video. He looks fucking exhausted, the poor guy.

Tess says:

gavin is really pretty????

Missing Link says:

Can we just give the win to someone els? Lol

Charlie Johnson says:

jack looked like a Muppet running away with the xbox

pukeylukey1994 says:

ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww matts moles

theiviaster2 says:

that beard grew pretty fast D:

Zach Fisher says:

Matt's moles are staring at me

Samantha B says:

Fucking Jack at the end. Lmao.

Nathan Bendes says:

I think people are just commenting to get into the show.

NaJHaikezeh says:

People don't understand: quality > quantity

alexander love says:

matt needs to die no one likes him they need to fire him

Monte Killeen says:

Jack looks like Michael (gat)

IceBankMyselfTV says:

That trophy in the background is roughly the same size as Jeremy

Jackson Pike says:

Matt shave your beard

legend1000patrick says:

I think Gavin has a crush with Jeremy… I would too!

Drunken Gazelle says:

Some people may not agree with me, but Jack is one of my favourite people in AH solely because of his Muppet faces.

andrew Spangler says:

I don't hate jermy anymore, I mean he's no ray but think of it this way. Ray is to chocolate Ice cream as Jermy is to a stale waffle cone. When left with only the waffle cone i'll still eat the stale waffle cone.

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