Math Hoffa vs Tony D #BOTBUK

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Battle Of The Brave UK presents Math vs Tony D from the Birth of the Brave event 6th December 2015 in Ministry of Sound London
For more information hit us up on twitter facebook and youtube @BOTBUK



ThaHaterr says:

math my nigga but he hurt and to emotional

Tom Bell says:

"I'd of took a hitman's shine soon as that case closed" bar was nuts!!!!

Francisco Abreu says:

Put a fork in math Hoffa he is done. Please don't battle anymore Bigg K killed you. Go do boxing or something.

Mark Hogan says:

"You want bars, right? I got this gun scheme…." that shit was just bad.

hats2012 says:

BOTB just goes to prove once again that throwing a load of money at a battle rap event and expecting it to be world class on that basis is fucking stupid. Should have done this through DF. Congrats on being the uk's Ether

Big Dog says:

on my channel

Rivals Battle League says:

I was more shocked @ how he could smoke in ministry. I swear tony is trying to tell him but at this point he was all "Let me spit my shit"

Gummy132 says:

Fuck off Mr. 13

SkyBlew says:

Math, math…. Dang homie, in high school you were the man homie. What happened? Good look for Tony D tho, been rocking with him for a while.

erobles118 says:

Math had a Kanye moment

Toke Utter says:

what's with the 1 round bullshit? way to fuck up an event.

manwevala1 says:

sad to say but math is done

Jay breezy says:

both were wack

Eugene Ykenhoff says:

Math is done

Sully 83 says:

hows math still gettin flown n paid to battle hes fuckin shite

Wes Brown says:


Rap Hub UK says:

Tony D all day

Cameron j says:

LMAO @ 1:28 When people started calling time.

darkopool says:

if you choke, then follow up with bars about your opponents previous chokes you just dont win. you can choke and come back yes.. but the way he choked just before scheming tony's past real deal face off was bad form

boneair says:

lady in red looks like a fag in drag

kareem winters says:

tony d won clearly but math did no try so the win honestly mean nothing.

Jack Turner says:

Tony would have killed Hollow and Pat Stay with that round

Ben Rochford says:

Tony fuckin killed it fam!!!

Lava Tonsil says:

Math was very poor, I hope he doesn't get booked in the UK again.

bobmrley1ae says:

this crowd amped but slow as shit swear they miss half the punches??

AtticusFresh says:

That pulp fiction bar from Tony was fuckin crack. I been telling people that Tony been fire.

Ajay Amazin says:

Tony D killed math!

jefzig says:

math going thru it

jayson moseley says:

MATH please retire! Your bars are horrible

Shane O'Neill says:

the state of these videos. get body bagnall to record and edit, this looks like some garbage

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