Indian Railways Best Advertisement

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This is one of the Indian Railways Best Advertisement

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Tejaswi Singh says:

All thanks to Dr Ambashankar for making us aware and proud!

MrTiti says:

i dont get the storyline… the blind man gets the litter. then the blind man puts it surprisingly away. then the other man who had NOTICED before that he was blind gets sad. whats the storyline?

Chandra Vravi says:

lools like modi….lol

chaitanya pandey says:

Disliked the video because of wrong thumbnail

Bipin Gond says:

I think this one is best add till now

Khan Mohammad says:

This blind man is looking like Modi……

Shridhar Deshpande says:


mattoussi yasser says:

indians they need more than 1 adv i mean more than 1000000000000 adv so only 2 percent will learn in 10 years

Anshuman Mahanty says:

The man in this ad eerily looks like Narendra Modi.

sagar jadhav says:


Gopal Srinivasan says:

Whole India to watch this& follow

msn kalyani says:

It's very nice massage….

Pradeep Chakravarthy says:

Indian Railways Best Advertisement…

Shahriar Bin Rouf says:

Is that Indian Prime Minister Modi?!

ryan loyal says:

modi haha

Jahnu Gogoi says:

Is that narendra modi?

dhananjay kumar says:

Very good message for indian people

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