Experience Changes Biology

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“A cell is a machine for turning experience into biology.”

Join Jason Silva as he freestyles complex systems of society, technology and human existence and discusses the truth and beauty of science in a form of existential jazz.

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Max Osterhaus says:

Sadly (or maybe not so sadly), the fact that "we" are formed by our experiences and our genetics change by those experiences, does not entail that our conscious mind can control or lead that process. So that idea of "getting good at it" might be a little misleading (as inspirational as it is). Perhaps all we can say is that we should recognize and appreciate it, but maybe we can't even say that much since we don't really choose what we recognize or experience, do we?

Perhaps there is some way in which an "I" can be defined that is both the experiencing consciousness and the controlling actor that can direct some of those experiences, but so far they seem rather separate entities.

Good episode though, coming off a couple soft ones. We still love ya!

Gary Carril says:

alguien que hable español

Lynx says:

One of your best so far :)

Sam Smile says:

So well put!

Charles Botensten says:

I'll read the article now – would be curious is experiments actually prove cells change based on experiences AND how the method they used to prove this. Excellent editing and content JS!

Gilberto Resendez says:

I always watch his videos twice

Tamás Cserhalmi says:

Great video. Just keep on inspiring people! :)

Alvaro Morales says:

It makes so much sense, maybe that is part of the answer to the PLACEBO effect. Thanks again for filling our minds with AWE.

Ali Roomi says:

we are a creatures of a great God who designed us and the world around us in such amazing form , complicated and systematic, such a great God

Mj123 says:

You need to release comprehensive list of the books that changed, and molded your biology :)

S J Paz says:

'….We are as 'Gods' my friends and we might as well get good at it…' Well said ~ Thank You Jason

Victoria Lune says:

woah.. i, watching this stoned is like woah

Omar Domingue says:

uhhh everyone knows that just because he says so, doesn't mean he is right, right? if you trurly like "philosophy" you should think for yourself and not just hang on this guys every word.

Kent The Explorer says:

I am the God Particle, every experience, thought, emotion, action I have is Divine. We are designing ourselves and our reality, quantum jumping to alternate parallel universes every single passing moment. All the more reason to do the "Inner Work".

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