Responsive Web Design

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Responsive web design is used to make sure a site is optimized for any device. In this tutorial I’ll create 3 optimized sites in one video and walk you through my process the whole way through.


Maximillian Developer says:

Derek The Best!!! You totally rock!))))

Evaldas Zmitra says:

Do you code so fast normally or did you prepare for this video? As a beginner I think I could make this kind of website on my own, but it would take me something like 5 hours rather than 30minutes.

Christian Viñas says:

very nice tutorial!! Thanks +Derek Banas!!!

Raluca B says:

Great tutorial!
Can someone recommend me what to use so i can have the DIAGRAM WITH THE NUMBERS?

Fabroskii says:

Your videos are incredible – thank you!

Why do you never bother with indentation?

Nazier Amoo says:

you make it look so simple, really enjoyed your workflow

PerkelatorZ says:

How would you go about making a website out of pixel art or look like a retro game?

Jiang Shayne says:

Gotta say, love it

MikeOnTheBox says:

The browsers are "smart" and they know which .css to use automatically by the name you give them? Is there a rule on the naming of the styles?

Done4uNinja says:

Hi, I have a question. I noticed that in your code, you use old coding styles, for example, instead of "<img src=….. />, you leave off the forward slash. And also the same is true with <input … /> I was wondering if this is something new with css3/html5 to go back to the old way that we used to code. I have not learned html5 or css3 yet, and that is why I am asking.

Nikita Ribakovs says:

I can't find file with images 🙁 where is it?

Alejandro Villena says:

Once again, you're my hero.

Jacob Groder says:

thank you for the amazing explanation
-you videos are very helpful

Rene Corona says:

whats the website you are using on the left??

Jacob Groder says:

do you have a video explaining the differences between em px and %
why use em or % over px

Jacob Groder says:

what about using percents ex: width:100%;
how do those work

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