Responsive Web Design In Photoshop – A Mindset Not Just Technique

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In this video I try and showcase how to design in Photoshop with a responsive mindset and grid at your disposal. See more at


CindyTheDeer says:

you're my hero. i just started studying media design and web design and layout design is my passion.. you're awesome at explaining and it makes things much easier, thanks!

Creative Mind says:

in 5$ only i will create your company website design checkout my gigs

MakeDestroy says:

I have a question, I noticed you're using masks to crop the images. Are you bringing those image files at a larger resolution to then let the developer slice and format to whatever size he/she needs? I'm having a hard time finding tutorials that show you how to set up your files and how to present them to the developer. Thank you!

Devon Dulaney says:

Does the responsive design optimize the website for mobile usage as well?

leslie jjang says:

what photoshop is this ?

BuFFoTheArtClown says:

Didn't answer my question as to how to make a responsive website in PS, and the PSDs require a sign up on an outside site.


Ricky Cooper says:

May i ask what did you use to preview your web page in mobile, tablet and such

Aaryan Batra says:

Loved & Subscribed — How do I get this to work on WordPress? Please make a tutorial on that…

Design Maniac says:

I`ve waiting for 2 weeks ago the photoshop grids you have for the responsive web design and no email yet.. You check the new subscribers? ty

Pinnacle Internet Marketing Ltd says:

An excellent explanation. This will be very useful for me. Thank you!

Lumanix1 says:

Great video mate :)

atjgraphics says:

Great Tutorial! Please can you let me know how did you chose your choices in your browser to see how the website will look like in your mobile browser or iPad browser.
Is it a plugin to download or…?

Thank you

bonzoble says:

great explanation. ty so much.

tallnhairychild says:

Why have you set all of your body copy in an italic font? Also a baseline just as important as any horizontal grid, didn't see any reference to it in there.

CrimeEthics says:

this video is 10 minutes of "this is what responsive means"

Thelegends96 says:

+Blaz Robar Hey, thank you so much for the tutorial, i'm a beginner so sorry for my ingorance but how did you manage to make the webpage to scale that way?

Could we by any chance get the web page file so we can see that? Maybe a psd to htlm tutorial would be great

Jesus Perez Urribarri says:

Hi, excelent explanation, hey i want to know what is tha page or pugglin that you use to to try you page in differents sizes?…i just saw in min 6:25 you click on "++Resizer" what is that? 

J King says:

I see you like flume :D

monquiturdle says:

The padding of images when you skip from desktop to tabled and mobile view changes drastically. How can you keep the padding consistent at the break points?

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