Removal of chemo port after Breast Cancer Treatment

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karen mcdade says:

Oh boy, thank goodness I'll be asleep for my removal!

polonium sulfate says:

What's a chemo port 

Kevin Caudill says:

She is doing great, Thank you for leaving a comment. Thank you for watching

Dennis Duncan says:

I'm getting my port removed today, I'm so nervous but she makes it look so easy I hope she is still doing well. Thank you for making it not look so scary for me. 

Cherie Tibbs says:

I'm having my port removed December 29, 2014.  I was really interested to see what goes on.  Hope everythings still ok.  I still have stage 4 cancer, but my port never gave blood so after 5 years, my doctor thinks its time for it to go.  Thanks for sharing.

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