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POLICE 911 Thousands OF Calls! FLORIDA UFO EXPLOSION!? WHAT THE HECK?? UFO Sightings Breaking News! What Is Happening Over FL 12/12/2015?

Breaking NEWS TODAY Original Link! Young Trillion https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TJ_J8PaUTJY&feature=youtu.be

Original LINK: Miguel Angel Bravo https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yH3uCgulyio
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Alexander Federowicz says:

Can anyone else clearly see a craft that obviously has a protective energy shield. It is obviously scanning, and maybe even removing harmful material from the rocket, maybe even more than that. As an electronics and engineering field person, I see nothing that even remotely resembles an explosion. To believe that explanation is much worse than Naive, it actually verifies that even the best intentioned among us have lost their critical thinking skills… They should have tried to get much closer to this object…

Serene Expanse says:

My brother in law saw the entire thing and a few people from my church and apparently it was a failed rocket launch

Yannick Dumont says:

21/12/2012 – 21/12/2015

Yannick Dumont says:

It's not a explosion. À explosion disapear after few second in dark.

Halecz Juni says:

a dream of alien attack brought me here.

Keith Stealth says:

you gotta be stupid to believe that we are the only beings that exist, do you understand how massive space is, do you know there are beings that are millions of years ahead of us technology & intelligence wise..peoples egos on this thread is out of control you only know a small fraction of what you believe is truth you only know what the government tells you, that goes for me too but with me its not a belief i KNOW there are for sure highly intelligent beings that are here & they are here to protect us

MeBeTheDB says:

While I appreciate what you're doing in the search for Extraterrestrials & UFO's … PLEASE STOP WITH THE FEMALE VOICE SAYING 'UNIDENTIFIED OBJECT' AND MUSIC — as it can be construed as a radio broadcast, or the like, heard within the ACTUAL AUDIO …

… and this PERTAINS TO ANY OR ALL VIDEOS — other than your INTRO. Thanks. 'False advertising,' so to speak, just lessens the chance of people taking your videos seriously. That and it can confuse the footage.


Pleadians Love says:

love of the Universe. dont get scared. Feel your love and peace in your heart. <3 galactic federation of light – Love- Light <3

ylekiote99999 says:

"Aliens" will never be captured or proven because these "UFO's" are actually demonic entities meant to confuse people into not believing in God.

captn hanky says:

alien shit

flippinecc says:

A sudden increase in the momentum of Gradual Disclosure by ET would appear to be the only intelligent way to slowly allow their reality to dawn in the consciousness of the more stubborn mindset. It is to be expected after more than 60 years of lies and obfuscation by the financial and industrial government control networks on this planet. And with the possibility of a third and final nuclear World War looming, it couldn't be more opportune.

Paulo Henrique says:

Very good this fake video!!!…

Tokiofritz says:

Only one person caught this thing on camera?

Phil Masson says:

some kind of plasma discharge maybe?

Pork Chop says:

The return of our creator with his own alien crew which fools call angels in the mother ship. Some may call It God. But the so called rapture will be a beam me up scotty moment.

robert race says:

This is fucking stupid.

icynomore bcomes brandy says:

it looks like a ufo sucking water from the ocean

Pac Vader says:

A holographic projection of a pancake and it's raining maple sirup.

killgreed says:

Smoke, & a batman type light? The joker's gas?

believe it says:

These things being seen are very real and absolutely abnormal. But for people to assume it is aliens is just beyond understanding. My guess is that we are being experimented on via psychological warfare / military / HAARP / New World Disorder. They are pushing the alien agenda far too hard for me to believe that this is what we are seeing. And everyone just seems to discount the massive chemtrail operation worldwide when they see these strange objects. It is related. They are not ET's most likely.

himanshu nayyer says:

if any buddy say we are alone in this universe i think he is big fool

larrycalvin says:

not trying to tell u whatu know but I live in tampa bay. this past year theres been severl rockets that have gone up from the cape. I assure u that u can see any lift off from where we live .ive personaly seen many rockets tear threw the early morning atmosphere,plus its been slightly foggy in mornings. but there are sum strange things goin on , I have footage from 3 months before and its the same thing were it looks like the sky opened up. but yes im sure they lit the rocket off

Nellie Price says:

Why is this not world news? Where is the media? Questions questions questions and no one IS going to answer them!And who knows what that thing is giving off in the atmosphere! Water,food not even talking about what they are breathing in!!!!

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