Photoshop Tutorial: Thumbnail Design & Website design by Swerve™

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Photoshop Tutorial:

In this tutorial, I’ll be take you into photoshop to show you the techniques i use when making a youtube thumbnail design or a website.

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SLICEmaniac says:

cool video

Aquatiik says:

PLease Please Please Carry on making vids

Bass Wave says:

Amazing <3

Смолин says:


Renaldo Xhahu says:

WOW awesome tutorial +Swerve™ Graphic designer I made a thumbnail following your guide and It looks dope 😀
Check my channel if you want to see it :D

Adam Sadler says:

Another great tutorial! love all your videos man!

Caleb Vandermaas says:


Ace Highlights says:

Can you please tell me where you get your fonts from or at least some place that you know of and how to load them on to Photoshop? I am still a little new to it and don't know how to get more fonts.. and could you please show us (or just tell me) how to put website designs we have created on to the site? I use weebly for both of my websites and don't know how to upload custom designs. I would greatly appreciate it!

- Blarsko - says:

Do you also have cool color combinations? I have tried a few and found a few but cannot find really good ones, any suggestions?

Airborne says:

I love the quality of your mic! Rly good audio in your videos!

High Yukon says:

How are you this amazing?

WhiteRobedRythulian Monocle says:

How much money to request?

Kilowog Bolovax says:

Your photoshop is darker than mine, why? My dark theme in CC2015 is not as dark as your.

Four says:

Sexy as fu! Swerve, can you share your toughts on my logo?

Mohmmed Nafeesh says:

what is the name of paint dropping effect with honey color also please make a tutorial
your my designer role model <3

Davit King says:

hey swrve new but big fan, can you please make a logo for me. I makeing a film company and so i need a logo for for my Studio, name is Fim Nerds. PLEASE HELP 

Alex Kreiss says:

What is the best computer for graphic design

Owen Lockie Designs says:

Really killing it with the videos man, keep it up!

Skaaz VFX :D says:


anakema Studios™ says:

If you're making something it always look so profesional! keep it up!

Valkyria™ Gaming and Graphic Design says:

Great video as always Swerve! Your content this past year has been so smooth and clean :)

Lolpop751 says:

This is the shit I subscribed for!!! Do business cards next! Or CV

Flash Designs says:

That is so awesome,always learning new stuff from every tutorial you make =)


albelnox99 says:

Great tutorial!

Matroskony says:

wow amazing

Malkon™ says:

Top notch tutorial mate! :D

JeiConcepts says:

lovely tutorial, nice work

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