Natural Cancer Cures and Why You Don’t Know About Them

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I love you and want you to thrive, and I KNOW you can. We are fed bollocks about cancer by the monied interests. Two out of the three legal treatments for cancer are themselves carcinogenic and kill 2/3 of patients who try them. Treatments that really work and heal people like herbs and natural foods are illegal for practitioners to practice. We MUST as a culture use our innate wisdom and acknowledge the body’s brilliant self-healing design. Watch this video to gain understanding of how we got to the place of illness being a trillion dollar business and how to get back to the basics for self-healing. Self-healing is enjoyable and effective.

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ÐëßⓊNk ƒo þÆÇëƒüÏ MN says:


This is the  most important information you will ever learn!

Ionic radiation from sharp triangular/pyramidal rooftops on peoples homes is an extreme aggravator of illness and medical conditions  Although your genes are the determiners in libido issues or illnesses, issues such as loss of desire (wich is low grade depression), erectile problems (ironically induced vaso constriction) and impotence wich is related to fertility and blood ph levels).

Ionic radiation from triangular rooftops and 60 hertz outlet magnetic waves combine to make medical conditions extremely worst,
60z waves cause deep muscle tension and blood vessel constriction by another mechanism) 24/7 ionic radiation from triangular a rooftop funnels down on the homes habitants and causes over reactive anger, domestic violence, extreme depression and suicidal thoughts, panic, emotional distraught, phobias and memory fixations (ptsd), premature aging, sudden heart attack, and psychoses even in normal people and will aggravate any illness from Cachexia (muscle wasting) from Cancer, to allergies, Parkinson, Alzheimers, autism Raynauds myasthenia multiple sclerosis, mental illness, and many more.

Because the myelin membrane of body and also of blood and body cells is so thin, it does not take a very large transmembrane voltage to create a strong electric field within it voltage difference much larger than 200 millivolts cause dielectric breakdown, that is, arcing across the cell membrane and exacerbates a metabolic low blood ph imbalance.

Ionic radiation funneling from triangular roof tops and window roofs are the primary health threat to ilness recovery and aggravate undesirable side effects in medication and reduce medication effectiveness its urgent that there be legislature banning triangular roofing on homes and investing in country wide remodeling of present day roof tops and make triangular 2d and 3 roofs just as illegal triangular roofs are illegal for schools and hospitals (for a reason.)

And also installing breaker boxes and wall switches that turn off 60hz magnetic waves outlets in rooms and Home areas where they are not deeded on a wide people scale The pyramidal / triangular geometry choice was meant for churches mosques and temples wich people only spend a small amount of time in in high ionic magnetic energy for meditative purposes not  for living ,

But corrupt rogue scientists working for governments decided to mentally sacrifice human mental and physical  health  ending up in the silent torment of humanity for specific political purposes and curriculums that aid in the imposition of their own delusions and involutionist systems and forced them upon almost every home design.


It should be illegal FOR  these home builders to build pyramidal and triangular roof tops on people homes-

Habitat For Humanity-  
International Meritage Homes Corp 
Beazer Homes USA
The Ryland Group – 
Hovnanian Enterprises –
KB Home-
NVR Lennar Corp PulteGroup- D.R. Horton and others

Lucy L says:

Hello, can you please explain how natural remedies work? Cancer occurs when genes controlling the rate of cell division are mutated, causing uncontrollable cell division of non-functioning cells, and I don't see how natural remedies can cure that. If you can't explain it, examples in which cancer patients are cured from using ONLY natural remedies works too.

Also, could you link me with some proof of the "propaganda" and bribing, and how commonly accepted (and proven) cancer treatments are ineffective? I will give it to you that a lot of pharmaceutical companies overcharge for life-saving treatments, but I haven't heard of instances of this happening with cancer treatments. Honestly, I do not believe virtually anything you said in the video, and I'm hoping we can enlighten each other through discussion.

freewaylee says:

AMA was founded and controlled by the Rockefeller's. Back in the late 1800's early 1900's, they funded all hospitals that joined the AMA and in essence, killed off all independent hospitals.They also control Big Pharma. When you control the hospital and medicine….WHAT A RACKET! Corruption at the highest level!!!

Marty Bear says:

My family used RAW BITTER APRICOT SEEDS and DMSO….. B17 Turmeric all Good here )))))

Marc Braun says:

Regarding the Reiff apparatus….The vibration has to do with the electricity. Everything on our planet on down to the atomic scale, protons, electrons and neutrons, has to do with electricity. His apparatus propably created a frequenzy/ vibration which could interfere with the feeding and building material uptake process and disrupted the substance exchange of the tumor cells. So basically it probably caused the tumor cells to starve and therefor die off. If you can manage to starve a tumor cell and it dies, the body will be able to remove it just like for example blood from internal bleeding, for example from a bruise. While normally blood can run off in an open wound and there is no need for it to be removed, in internal bleeding it has to be broken down and removed by the body. Living cancer cells are either not recognized as dangerous by the body and therefor not removed or they can fend off attacks by the immune system as long as they are alive or they can reproduce faster than they are removed by the immune system. If people could manage to cut off, cap the life support of the cells they could cause them to die an therefor turn into a form which then is removable by the processes of the body…

Marc Braun says:

We get cancer in the first place because we eat too much industrialized food and don't get enough exersize and therefore don't sweat enough for detoxing resulting in bad PH value and nutrient, salt imbalances. To start with the industrialized food, you do not know where and who it comes from. You do not know what is done to it. Cancer is like a bacteria/ virus. It could possibly/ theoretically spread from infested animal products such as raw cheese, milk and certainly meat. Especially meat which is bloody, not cooked thouroughly. In Tazmania, a form of facial cancer has spread among the carnivorous population of the tazmanian devil. The disease is relatively new and has just popped up in mabye the last 20-30 years. It spreads through the fighting and biting of the tazmanian devils, through saliva and blood of an infected animal entering the wounds of a non infected animal. Currently the existence of the tazmanian devil population as a whole is at stake. The threat of extinction is very possible. The origin of the cancer is must have to do with white european settlers settling on tazmania and bringing along their animals. Chances are that the cancer jumped from european farm animals onto the tazmanian devils when tazmanian devils fed on a corpse of an escaped and passed away sheep, cow or pig or other sort of domesticated animal of european orgin. So meat and animal products with animal DNA are a big risk factor because human and animal DNA is compatible. Ebola is spread from animals onto humans, AIDS ( HIV) was supposedly spread onto humans by animals and so are other diseases such as H1N1, swine and bird flew…… Not to mention that in a formerly dairy free and with less meat consumption country known as JAPAN, after the Japanese were wondering what made Europeans and Americans so successfull and linking it mabye to the diet, the Japanese thinking that it might be the dairy and more of the meat assumed if they consumed that and more of that would be equally successfull had to face an increase in cancer rates by, I believe a minimum of over 100 %. Ignoring the fact that they had always been successfull and a very great nation even without the meat and dairy consumption of the west. So meat, animal products and too little fresh uncontaminated vegtables and fruits for taking in the fresh, natural balanced forms of nutrients and vitamins is probably one of the biggest causes of cancers. Cancer infectors enter your body and float through the blood stream, if you have injuries internal injuries/ lesions which need to be repaired by substances transported by the blood and a cancer infectant is riding along on the blood, basically hijacking the blood, it will be built into a damaged cell and spread it's DNA in your cell repair, thus causing the cell to reproduce and and spread into a whole big tumor lump. If you have open wounds in your mouth and consume a bloody steak and other forms of inadequately heat treated animal products your risk factor of catching somehting increases by several 100%. So people, if you want to lower the risk factor lower your exposure to animal products, thus animal DNA. The parallel benifit is that we reduce the human destructive foot print on this planet. Human population reduction has to take place through educating and urging people to limit the amounts of kids the have!! Not by watching cancer spread around them almost uncontrolled and letting them tap around in the dark as to what the cause might be. Take care everyone one and may the great force/ spirit, the creating force be with you.

One thing I forgot to mention is the imune system factor. The older we get the less powerfull are imune system becomes and the more nutrients, vitamins our body requires in order to maintain a good immune system and in order to fight the hostile factors we are exposed to during our life on this planet. Thats why the cancer rate increases with the age factor. So at a greater age you should actually expose yourself to even less risk factors and be increasing the vitamin and nutrient uptake through fruit and vegtables.

We can learn alot from plants. Plants our the master teachers of life on this planet. Theories have it that plants were the first life on earth quite a while before the first animal life. We respecially can learn alot from fast cycling plants, meaning plants which have short life spans and react to changes in food and enviorement very fast. What we know and can witness about these plants is that when their nutrition, vitamin and mineral uptake is mal sufficient and the PH and soil PH is off, these fast cycling plants emediatly react within days. They show signs of fatigue and become very susceptible to plant based pathogens such as viruses, bacterias and funguses. The same goes for animals and humans. So fresh natural vitamin and nutrient intake, the right body ph value and the right living eniorment will dramatically impact how you feel and how your body will function and fend off attacks from animal based and animal specific pathogens from the range of viruses, bacteria and funguses…

So cancer and other pathogens have always been there. It's not some newly born, created misterious disease.The question is when and what has changed in our lifestyles and bodies chemical balances, which type of enviorment, opened the door more widely for it to enter and rage war around in our bodies.

beltop5 says:

Thank you for your work! Cheers for healthier living and awareness

Himanshu Goyal says:

But you didn't actually told. how to treat it naturally like what should one do?

Raymond Cook says:

I have lived in my town fr 11 years. I have known 12 frinds who were diagnosed with Cancer and took the "Cut, Slash and Burn" road.Not one of them is alive now.They all died 12-60 months after their treatments.The immune system is designed to kill cancer tumors if it is strong and well nourished.Chemo and Radiation (DESTROY) the immune system!Thank you Blythe for your video.The brain dead Obama and Hillary Clinton followers will curse you for telling the truth.

nothingspecial98 says:


williy070 says:

she is retarded

YOUare theGenie says:

Dr. Simoncini

Kelley Small says:

I would surely like to know why this video has 72 Dislikes? How could anyone give this a thumbs-down???

certifiedhealthnut says:

Great work Blythe! Haven't seen you in years, love to reconnect, I'm at the beach in Santa Monica ;-)

Mohammed Shafiq says:

Thank you spread the word, natural herbs cures all illnesses,I mean ALL,
Check out Dr Sebi's herbs, from South America, he's got a clinic in California I think as well,
Main stream doctors are salesmen for the pharmaceutical companies, selling poison.
Love , peace and unity, blessings to you all.

Rideshare says:

YIKES! BEAUTY WITH BRAINS. I was with you until you mentioned "Your Husband" No! just kidding.

Stephen Musquiz says:

you are amazing !

Omni Cure Group says:

Just Great. Would really like to connect with you Blythe.

milk Rollins says:

Thank you thank you thank you! so much for putting everything that I try to tell my friends and family into a simple video that I can send to them instead. Everything you said is exactly what I try to tell them.

The sad thing is…they STILL don't listen!!
It's just heartbreaking..

robert thompson says:

chemotherapy is mustard gas…

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