Massive UFO over Germany filmed from Airplane – Dec 2015 !!!

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Massive UFO over Germany filmed from Airplane – Dec 2015 !!!

December 2015 – Germany, Regensburg area. Huge UFO hidden in clouds filmed from airplane window. Click here to read the complete article :

One of the earliest of documented sightings of aerial phenomena in Germany reporting the same kind of UFO took place on April 4, 1561 at dawn over Nuremberg…

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Emy Best says:

Nice VFX…

aaaaddaaaamm says:

Star Wars 7 promo

Yiannis G. says:

Reminds me on Independence Day..

Ódor Norbert says:

seems legit -UFO

Anawin Sawisa says:

what music

AVG Gamer says:

nobody reacts

lopata seven says:

awww that is russian T-502

James Gonzalez says:

Sweet video game!

แอมมี่ กาก้า says:

What is that ??
อะไรอ่ะ โผล่มาครึ่งนึง

ณัชพล วงศ์ชัยวรกุล says:

star war

Intu intuicio says:

Jó nagy szar….

Barto El says:

just an imperial star destroyer what's weird here ?

MIckveli2 says:

i wanna know why.? there was no re-action from guy filming.? and pilot.? they've got navigation…they couldve seen that thing 10/20miles away

CarrotHUN™ says:

this only anim UFO

Erzsebet Preizler says:


Máté Salacz says:

OMG if it's a real UFO the military forces send some f-16 warplanes. It's not even possible. An other fake UFO video on the internet. BTW nice AfterEffects job.

arm plus says:

It's true I've seen in a dream.

sena la-ongtong says:

promote star war

Zoli Fekete says:

Nice CGI

Tanka Màrk says:


Lokio Brolis says:

Even – who is a driver..:)

Tiz Thammawasi says:

My ship, I drove it.

vasos krikell says:

even if its real or not…these days tech has improved so far you have to see it yourself to believe

john whyte says:

Weather balloon.

Mygame CH says:

It is a tower or a plane?

Barni Ponyi says:

ps..dat reaction

Aq Cr says:

Ah, das ist ein 3-97er Aerodeck SpiceCake 303 aus Andromeda, vorletzte Baureihe. Gar nicht schlecht. Sieht man nicht oft in der Gegend. Und es hat den voderen Längs-Schnüffel-Ruder ausgefahren. Macht wahrscheinlich gerade Verschmutzungsmessungen. Aber so nah an einem Flugzeug – ohne Warnbarken ? Das ist gefährlich !

Kaiwit Satjadirapak says:


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