Major Media UFO BLACK OUT!!! Florida Eyewitness!! [Under-Cover Operation] Share This NOW! 2015

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Major Media BLACK OUT!!! UFO Sightings Florida Eyewitness Account! Share This NOW! 2015 Blake Cousins Speaks to Eyewitness Young Trillion In Regards to His Incredible UFO Capture Over FL 12/12/2015

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eduardo armendariz says:

I think is a plasma ,energy space ship , too much mental power to operate one of those only our gurdians have that kind of power and more god bless…

Redblade Sharp says:

Just some reflective material caught in the atmosphere, big deal.

gina palang says:

I forget who said this All things are very possible wen it's very impossible …but you must believe in Watever you do in life just believe in yourself and have faith all things are very possible to achieve in your life …….

UFO channel says:

Awesome footage blake cousins…… keep up the Great work…… Disclosure is soon something big is coming blake and u know it…… with all of the UFO sightings happening in 2015 something is coming very soon…..I cant wait until the day I see our sky filled with spaceships and be able to shake an extraterrestrials  hand."

TheAlabasterdeplume says:

looks to me like the military is testing ICBM defense shield.

BlackSupremist says:

No evidence this is real.

The Comforter In Sorrows Mimi says:

This Is God's World not yours have some respect. No one is running the Holy Trinity off the earth, get real mate


Funny how this is the only sighting of this when every man and dog has a phone with camera on them… And over a 10,000 people would had seen it but nope just one and it is shown on Blake the fakes channel… like all your vids.. i find it so funny that people buy this crap… all you need to do is look into it and also look into Blake himself…#1 fake on the net

Jay Cutler says:

it could be a hindenburg

redrobiin says:

Calm down, it's only another Amazon drone

Alex Nilsen says:

Am i the only one that sees a face in this? Im leaning more towards project blue beam test run

Daniel White says:

I don't get home from work til 1 or 2 in the morning and that's when I see them

Kevin Burnes says:

this was the only video of this event?

kuyo gregsean mc says:

People can say me in french what is it. please! !

Hayden Morgan says:

ok it gone

Hayden Morgan says:

What do I do

Hayden Morgan says:

my dog are going crazy

Hayden Morgan says:

Georgia I see a ufo I am out side an shine my light it blinking and it's blinking back

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